I am looking for information on the parents Nathaniel Norton b. Sanford, ME 1762/64 who married Hannah Sawyer b.1780, Wells, ME.  He was in Rev War. She was member of Free Will Baptist Church, don't know about him being a member. They married 31st Mar 1796. I am wondering if there was a previous marriage. I do know they had 10 children together all born in Limington, ME. Their son Rueben Norton is my line. He married Sarah Jane Brooks of Portland, ME and they moved to MI in his late 30's-early 40's.  


Nancy Norton-Nix

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In Nathaniel pension record I see only one clue about his parentage: an estate schedule dated 6 Mar. 1829 says that his mother (unnamed), aged 85 years, was living with the family.


Any thread might be the one.  Thanks so much.  If you find anything in future please let me know.

If I can be of help to anyone I will be happy to do so. I live 3 hrs from Atlanta (south) and 1 hour from Macon (southeast) in Dublin, GA.


Thanks again,



Hi Nancy,

My husband's g-grandmother was Annie Norton Raetz, daughter of William H. Norton who was born 1843 in Pottersfield, Maine and died 1930 in Nevada County, California; William was the son of Reuben Norton, who was born 1812 in Limington, Maine to Nathaniel and Sarah and died 1890, possibly in Colorado.  In the 1910 and 1930 censuses (haven't looked up the 1920 census yet), William lists his father as born in Maine, his mother as born in Canada.  A lot of Maine families had connections in New Brunswick; there was a migration from British Canada into the U.S. (esp. to Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont) around 1815 after the war of 1812 was over; that might be a good place to look for Sarah Jane Brooks.

Hope that helps!



Nice to hear from you.

Our Reuben Norton b. 1812 in Limington is my2nd greatgrandfather.  His parents were Nathaniel and Hannah Sawyer Norton. Above you said Nathaniel and Sarah. Did you mean Hannah? Or are you speaking of another Nathaniel? Our Reuben was married to Sarah Jane Brooks. They first moved to MI where my Grandfather Fred Luther was born and then moved on to live in CO.  Are we of the same family?  Thanks for the tips on the areas around Maine and places to look for Sarah. 


Nancy, further research reveals that there were at least two Reuben Nortons in Maine, about the same age.  My husband is descended from the Reuben Norton of Pittsfield, ME who married a Margaret from New Brunswick, Canada, and had the following children:  Rebecca, Henrietta, Reuben D., John A., William H., Heman (Herman?) A., and Harriet M.  Best wishes for your research on your Reuben and Sarah Jane.  :)


Thanks Tamara and have fun with your ancestors, too.


I'm new to the Maine Genealogy site and have not been active in genealogy research for many years due to a lack of progress, but I thought I would get back into it and see what might turn up.  A quick search of the site led to your discussion and I immediately recognized not only the Raetz name but all the other Norton names in your reply to Nancy.  Both your husband and I are descended from William Henry Norton.  As best as I was able to determine years ago, the parents of William Henry Norton were Reuben (or Rubin) Norton and Margaret Dinsmore.  Margaret came from St. Stevens, New Brunswick, Canada, but I have no other information about either of them or possible ancestors.  I was wondering if you have been able to find out any additional information about Reuben and Margaret?

Thanks very much.


Hi Ken, I have some notes but I can't give you citations for any of it. If you want to regard these as clues to follow up, I'll give you what I have. 

Reuben Norton Jr. (m. Margaret Dinsmore) is the son of Reuben Norton Sr. and Dorothy "Dolly" Chase.

Reuben Norton Sr. is the son of James Norton and Mary Davis.

James Norton is the son of Josiah Norton & Elizabeth Steward.

Josiah Norton is the son of Joseph Getchell Norton Jr. and Elizabeth Brown

Joseph Getchen Norton Jr. is the son of Joseph Norton Sr. and Susanna Getchell

I don't show the immigrant ancestor (Joseph Sr. was born in Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts in 1640).

You can email me at raetz.tamara@gmail.com if you want more info.

The Joseph Norton Sr is from the Norton family of Martha's Vineyard. Just type norton family marthas vineyard.  Also there is a site nortonfamily.net with info

Nancy Norton-Nix

do you happen to see  RUTH NORTON who married to Enoch Dow?

I'm sorry.  I don't know of Ruth Norton.


Hi, I’m new to this site and also searching for information about Norton’s. I’m looking for additional genealogy information such as information about the parents of Joseph and Martha Norton from York county, Maine. So far I have a scanned image of their family record which was given to me by an employee of the town of Levant, Penobscot county:
“Joseph Norton Family Record
Joseph Norton born in Wells, Mar. 2, 1797
Martha, his wife (maiden name unknown) born in Buxton, Feb. 19, 1799
Names & Ages of Children
Albert Norton born in Portland Feb. 23, 1822
Stephen H. Norton born in Portland Jan. 25, 1826
Joseph Norton Jr. born in Portland Jan. 30, 1827
Ebenezer B. Norton born in Portland Jan. 12, 1828
Mary Jane Norton born in Bangor Aug. 23, 1831
William H. Norton born in Bangor Dec. 31, 1834
Moved to Levant from Bangor July 1, 1837”
Does anyone have any additional information about Joseph and Martha Norton from York county, Maine? Thank you!


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