My mother's maiden name was Webber 

Captain Benjamin Webber of the Breman, Maine area 1793-1851

Also a Captain John Brown Jr also Breman, Round Pond Maine area 1808-1961

I have little info on either of these gentlemen and would appreciate any leads


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Hi Jo,

I can relate to your difficulty.  When researching my great-grandfather I couldn't make any headway until I joined the Maine Maritime Museum.  It isn't expensive and as a member you can access their research library and records which (in my opinion) are very complete in comparison to those found in reference books. They're very helpful in the research office and even forwarded me pictures of his ships. If not for their help, I would have given up. 

Once I learned the names of the ships he mastered, I next searched the local historical societies in the ports from which he sailed.  A donation for their time is always greatly appreciated. 

I hope this helps.  Good luck with your search!


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