Desperately seeking Simeon

Any information concerning Simeon Miller born Feb. 1825 in Hampden, ME

Married to Harriet Barrows 1849

Died 1900 in Bangor.

This is not the Simeon born to John & Sarah(Sallie) Miller. He died age 14 - May 1825

Any help gratefully appreciated. This is a brick wall i can't seem to get past. HELP

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It looks like you can rule out James Miller of Hampden as his father, as Simeon is not mentioned in his will. There was also a Washington Miller with a male of the right age living with him in Hampden in 1830. I believe he later moved to Camden and went by the name George W. Miller. I'm pretty sure you can rule him out too, as his children seem to have all moved to the Camden/Rockport area.

That leaves two Robert Millers in Hampden, as well as John Miller and his wife Harriet. John Miller died in 1836, and Harriet was living in Hampden in 1840. The 1837 census of Hampden might be useful to you, as it purports to list all the members of each household.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for responding. Robert & John Miller were married to sisters (and i suspect they were brothers) and the wife of Simeon was the daughter of a brother to those sisters (Barrows.) I have tried in vain to prove either one of these MIllers was the father to no avail. Have seen the 1837 census with no Simeon on it. John Miller had a son born that same year by the name of Sebry so unless he & Simeon were twins, that would rule J. Miller out. Have also  seen a list of Robert's children with no Simeon on it but have found those lists to be incomplete at times with other ancestral lines. Robert & Joanna Barrows Miller could still be parents..... ? 

Will do some looking into that George W. Miller. Thank you for your help. Jaci



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