Desperately seeking Simeon

Any information concerning Simeon Miller born Feb. 1825 in Hampden, ME

Married to Harriet Barrows 1849

Died 1900 in Bangor.

This is not the Simeon born to John & Sarah(Sallie) Miller. He died age 14 - May 1825

Any help gratefully appreciated. This is a brick wall i can't seem to get past. HELP

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It looks like you can rule out James Miller of Hampden as his father, as Simeon is not mentioned in his will. There was also a Washington Miller with a male of the right age living with him in Hampden in 1830. I believe he later moved to Camden and went by the name George W. Miller. I'm pretty sure you can rule him out too, as his children seem to have all moved to the Camden/Rockport area.

That leaves two Robert Millers in Hampden, as well as John Miller and his wife Harriet. John Miller died in 1836, and Harriet was living in Hampden in 1840. The 1837 census of Hampden might be useful to you, as it purports to list all the members of each household.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for responding. Robert & John Miller were married to sisters (and i suspect they were brothers) and the wife of Simeon was the daughter of a brother to those sisters (Barrows.) I have tried in vain to prove either one of these MIllers was the father to no avail. Have seen the 1837 census with no Simeon on it. John Miller had a son born that same year by the name of Sebry so unless he & Simeon were twins, that would rule J. Miller out. Have also  seen a list of Robert's children with no Simeon on it but have found those lists to be incomplete at times with other ancestral lines. Robert & Joanna Barrows Miller could still be parents..... ? 

Will do some looking into that George W. Miller. Thank you for your help. Jaci


Dear J. Hall,

I know this is some years later, but I have been working on the Hampden Miller Line, and hope to be in contact with you and/or anyone working on this Miller line. I would like to collaborate and share notes. I am a direct descendant of [George] Washington Miller, shoemaker, b. in Hampden abt. 1800 and who appears in Hampden's 1830 and 1840 Fed. Censuses and then in Camden form 1850 and lastly Saint George. I presume Robert Miller and John Miller are the progenitors of the Miller family in Hampden and as they both reported in the 1800 Fed. Census were of "Damariscotta." I believe they removed to Hampden after a brief residence in Bucktown (now Bucksport)--They appear in 1790 Fed. Census of that town. The Robert Miller Jr., b. abt. 1790 and who married Joanna Barrows, I believe is son of Robert Miller, whose wife, I think, was Dolly. Dolly Miller, assumed widow, appears in the Fed. Census of 1850 at age 79 as a member of David and Nancy Patterson's household in Lincoln, Maine, Nancy born Miller in 1802 and assumed daughter of Robert and Dolly Miller, since we know John Miller (enumerated in the 1800 Fed. Census with Robert) m. Ruth Carr in Thomaston. I speculate that [George] Washington Miller was the son of Robert and Dolly Miller and brother to both Robert Jr. and Nancy (Miller) Patterson. David Patterson and family are living in Hampden prior to their move to Lincoln. They have an older female living with them, which matches age range of "Dolly Miller," member of their household in 1850 in Lincoln. There is more to share re: findings, and am hoping to connect to compare notes. I also have come across a Simeon Miller (not the one who died at 14). Rosa 

Hi Rosa,

Good to know the request is still out there. I came to an end with Simeon Miller as there are no records that i could find concerning his parentage. Have you found any records relating the John and Robert Miller of Buckstown to those in Hampden?  So frustrating that many many records were lost in fires. If i can help in any way, let me know but my info for the Millers is scanty in proof .   

Thanks for getting in touch and good luck with your search, Jaci

Thank you, Jaci. Yes, there is definitely a connection between John Miller of Bucksport in 1790 as being one and the same John Miller of Hampden in 1800. This Miller line has been a challenge of deep dot-connecting--for sure. That all said, there is quite a bit to share--and still some moving parts. My e-mail is: Would it be possible to e-mail me so we can work (collaborate) off-line? Then maybe one of us can update this conversation for the benefit of others a little later as we share and compare notes and offer more useful research findings and clarification/s. I will look for your e-mail. Thank you again for responding to my reply despite the years it took me to get there, I mean here. :)) Rosa Lane 


I pretty much gave up on the Miller line when i could find no connection to my Simeon Miller. So much erroneous information passing as fact out there. I posted my carefully researched information on Family Search . Horrified to see it immediately added to by all and sundry with incorrect spellings, dates and locations. Additional lineages that i had no research/proof were added . The last straw was a comment that I was not my father's daughter but had him married to another woman with one child. Imagine my brother, 4 sisters and my surprise. I quit the genealogy site and pretty much laid it all away. If you have a specific question ? but i really don't have anything on the Miller brothers other than the Damariscotta link and marriages to the Barrows sisters (though there is a question as to Harriet.)  I never found proof of the Bucksport Miller men though there was a Miller family on Orphan Island (Verona now) and a John Miller homesteading on what is now Sandy Point before it was surveyed. Good luck with your search, Jaci


I am so sorry to hear about such errors and the repercussion of them on your family. On another note, your Simeon was [very] highly likely the son of Robert Jr. and Joanna (Barrows) Miller. Robert Jr. being son of Robert Sr. and Dollie Miller. My conclusion here (given lack of a birth record) is the result of dot-connecting and following just about every Miller known to exist in Hampden and other Penobscot County area/s during the 1st half of the 19th C. That means analyzing and cross-referencing data from Cemetery collections, Fed. Censuses, vital records of children, recorded Wills, deeds, and family member residences—and then constructing a genealogical network according to a set of otherwise disparate facts. I work on ruling in and ruling out. Foremost, Harriet (Barrows) was Simeon’s 2nd wife, not his 1st. Simeon 1st married Mary (to date) Unknown. Simeon and Mary had one daughter, namely Clara E. Miller. In Clara E.’s 2nd marriage record (Bangor) she identified her parents as Simeon and Mary Miller, both born in Hampden. In the 1870 Fed. Census Clara E. (age 18) is residing with Simeon and Harriet (Barrows) along with their young daughters: Esther (age 11) and Nina (age 11 mos.). What is most informative here is that in Hampden’s Fed. Census of 1860, Clara E. Miller (age 9) was living with Isaac and Mary H. (Miller) Hopkins, this Mary H. being older sister to Simeon, likely a matriarch of the family and an aunt to Clara E. It is uncertain if Simeon and his 1st wife Mary divorced, or she died. If she died, then she would have died (and Clara E. born) in July or before July 31st, 1850, that date being when Hampden’s 1850 Fed. Census was enumerated and when Simeon was living with Harriet that year (no other members of his household listed therein). Clara E. reported in the 1900 Fed. Census that she was born in July 1851; however, she could have been a year off (i.e., July 1850). Note: Clara E. married 1st Chas W. Packard. In Hampden’s 1880 Fed. Census, Clara E. (age 28) and Chas W. Packard (age 37) are residing adjacent to Simeon, his wife Harriet, and their two daughters Nina and Augusta “Gusty.” After Chas. W. Packard died, Clara E. married 2nd Chas A. Richardson in Bangor. In this 2nd marriage record, Clara E. recorded her parents as Simeon and Mary Miller, both reportedly born in Hampden. In sum, because Simeon’s daughter was raised by Mary H., who is highly likely Simeon’s sibling and Clara E.'s aunt, and Mary H. is primary-sourced as daughter of Robert Jr. and Joanna (Barrows), I connect the dot that Simeon is most definitely the son of Robert Jr. and Joanna (Barrows) Miller--I have not been able to rule this out, hence it remains. A male of Simeon’s age range appears in Robert and Joanna Miller’s household per Hampden Fed. Censuses 1830 and 1840. Lastly, Simeon likely married 2nd his somewhat distant Barrows cousin, i.e. Harriet Barrows, maybe a 3rd cousin. Other pieces of info. that we know: Simeon was born about February 1825 as calculated from his age at death. We know he married 1st Mary Unknown and they had a daughter, Clare E., and we know he married 2nd Harriet Barrows from his children's (Esther, Nina, and Gusty) vital records, Harriet being daughter of Putnam and Sophia (Leonard) Barrows. We know from four vital records that Simeon was born in Hampden. We know from Simeon's death record that he died in Bangor as the result of injuries caused by an accident. We know from several records that he was a Cooper by trade. We know as per Hampden’s 1850 Fed. Census that Simeon and Harriet were residing adjacent to Putnam Barrows, Simeon's father-in-law. And that Simeon is living four households away from Robert Jr. and Joanna (Barrows) Miller--a family pattern of congregation. Lastly, we know in 1860, Simeon and Harriet (with daughter Esther) are living adjacent to David Miller, whom I present as Simeon's older brother. There is much more to share on this family, their geographics, military service, genealogy, and their ties/roots (sourced) back to Bristol/Damariscotta (my own home turf), Thomaston, Bucktown (Bucksport), Williamsburg, Hampden, Hermon, and Newburgh. I shared my e-mail address in last reply, if you would like to connect further, e-mail is better for me than this venue for any further details, findings, and sources. Jaci, I hope this helps. Rosa


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