Am looking for any info on James Smith living in Prospect, Waldo, ME. I found him and family in the 1850 census. Am wondering if the James Smith in the 1840 Prospect, Waldo, ME census is the same since the neighbor is the same. In 1840 there is an adult female age 60-70 could it be his mother of James or wife Eliza's mother? Also and adult male of the same age group as the head of household ( brother to James Smith? they are the olderst Males 30-40) also 2 younger adult males (20-30) and additional male child  10-15 who I have a clue might have drowned before 1850. Anyone with any info or any direction for info can contact me at

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I'm sorry I have no clue about these people sorry..Judy D.
florence, looked up james in prospect me vitals 1753-1871, here is what i found hope it helps
childs of james and eliza l. smith: james lawriston b. 3.30.1829, alonzo ruthuin b. 4.7.1832, francis edwin b. 12.24.1834, stephen bowers b. 9.18.1836, james edwin b. 9.5.1841, samuel willard b. 12.30.1844, lauriston ithiel b. 4.7.1847, and jannett, adopted 3.22.1843, hope this helps you


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