I'm SNOW Andre Michel from Tahiti, French Polynesia

I'm looking for my grand father SNOW William which date of birth  is supposed be 1791-03-16 at Georgetown Sagadahoc ? or Eastport ?

I find a copy of an old record of a death.

Place of death: Centerville ? or Waterville ?

Husband: Sarah Snow (she was WALLIN Sarah

Date of birth: 1877-02-27

Has he twin boys: one named John, Apphia (19-05-1820  Exceter, Penobscott, ME) and the second named Daniel 1820

Because in Tahiti there are 2 familys, one from John living in Tahiti, the other from Daniel living in Tuamotu's islands but impossible to prove that John & Daniel are twin brothers

Thank you if you find something to help me

SNOW Andre Michel

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The town records of Georgetown show that William Snow was born 16 March 1791 in that town:


I'm sorry I can't help with the births of his sons.

Thank you very much Chris for those precisions

Where or how can i find indications for his sons John & Daniel

Thank you

William and Sarah Snow of Exeter had four children recorded in that town: Apphia, born 19 May 1820; Sarah Lord, born 9 June 1822; Hannah, born 30 July 1824; and Angeline, born 13 Feb. 1826. They had also daughters Harriet, born in 1819, died in 1895, and Elizabeth, born in 1828, died in 1909. The death records of Apphia, Sarah and Angeline show that their mother's name was Sarah Lord.

I believe that William Snow of Centerville—shown here in 1850—was a different man. He was married to Sarah Caler, as shown by these records. It is possible that William of Centerville was married to another woman before his marriage to Sarah Caler, and that he was the father of Daniel and John, but I have found no evidence of it.


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