I am trying to locate the burial place of my great-grandparents Alfred & Marie Houle (although the name may be listed as Hall). It is believed that they are buried in the Springvale area although I have had no luck in searching online for them.

Also, not having any luck finding the death records/obituaries. Alfred died in 1950 in Portland. Marie died in 1936 location unclear, possibly Portland but also possibly Springvale.

Any suggestions? Thanks

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Notre Dame Cemetery-----Springvale

Thanks, came up empty there.... starting to think the family memory is inaccurate (since no one wrote anything down!)

Here's a link to search Notre Dame Cemetery in Springvale: http://www.portlanddiocese.net/genealogy_main.php

Thanks will try that


I came across this while searching for some ancestors...I am from Springvale area...the local library there has an extensive genealogy department so they may be able to direct you to the right area...but you might find something here...Hope it helps

Linda   :)


Thanks will try that!

they are both buried in Notre Dame Cemetery in Spingvale Maine     Alfred and Marie Duquette Houle


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