I have no idea if I'm writing to more people than I should. Please tell me if I should limit my query to a few. I have a notarized statement dated 11-20-78 from Phyllis A. Roy, Freeport Town Clerk. Ms. Roy lists 7 children by name born to my ancestor Stephen Coffin, Senior) his wife Elizabeth (I presume that's Elizabeth Blaisdell). 

Before that, Ms. Roy lists 7 children, without their mother's name, Two are the twins Abner and Polly, and one is my ancestor, Stephen Coffin, born 6 Jan 1771. Does any one know who their mother was?

Stephen (born 1809) also appears on the same page as his father Stephen Coffin, Jr. along with Junior"s wife, Rhoda Welch, not Welsh. There are 8 children listed from this union. In addition to my Stephen III, we have Polly, Sally, Benjamin, Sabey, Rachel, Martha, [Stephen], and Phebe.

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There are many Coffin's buried in Harpswell, perhaps this may help.

I have seen Martha Chapman given on various trees on ancestry. Have you check with any Coffin Genealogies to see if the line is one that was covered because the Coffin family is a well documented Nantucket family. Nantucket and Newbury before Maine but Maine group Nantucket but with early intermarriages Check with Nantucket USGenWeb.


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