I am looking for information on Stephen Elisha Jones Born 26 September 1869 in Union, Maine. His parents were possibly Benjamin Jones and Carrie Warden, both born in Maine. You can contact me at pj0282870@msn.com.

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The closest I can come is the Stephen E. Jones living nearby in Warren in 1900. The census says he was born Nov. 1868 in New Brunswick. He was probably the Steven E. Jones living in Portland, St. John, New Brunswick in 1881 with parents Smith and Caroline Jones. If his father was the B. Smith Jones who died 17 Apr. 1894 in St. John in his 68th year, his first name could have been Benjamin.
Thank you so much for the lead. I will follow up on it. My Jones family tree has been totally frustrating. Stephen E Jones died in 1921 in Northbridge, Massachusetts of Tuberculosis. Back then this was like having Leprosy. Your family was ostracized, so death certificates have listed places of birth for Stephen E Jones that don't even exist. Thank you again, I will follow-up
In case you haven't seen this, here's a death certificate for one of Stephen's children in Northbridge.
WOW! This was a shocker. I had no idea That Stephen E Jones had another son. I knew of only 2 sons, Chester F Jones (my father) and Stephen W Jones (he died at age 15 in 1922). He also had 1 daughter, Ann L Jones. What a tragedy for this family, 2 sons that died at a very young age. Thank you so much for your help, I doubt that I would have found this. I did follow up on the information you sent on my grandfather. I'm still not positive it's him but leaning that way. I found his death record 17 April 1894 on ancestry.com and the original record definitely looks like "Benj. S. Jones". I'm still working on tracing him backward. Thanks again.

Paul Jones
Glad I could help!

Stephen may have had a good reason to fib after marrying about where he was born. A law passed by Congress 2 Mar. 1907 stripped American women of their citizenship if they married an alien. Before that date, a woman who married a foreigner could lose her citizenship if she left the United States. Maybe Stephen lied about his place of birth, at least in part, to protect his wife (as well as to reap the benefits of citizenship for himself without going through the long naturalization process).
That is a strong possibility. I wasn't aware of that law. That would certainly explain why I have come up with so many different birthplaces for him, some of which don't even exist (ie, Simneck, Maine). Thanks once again


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