Hello all - I am searching for the correct parents of my great grandfather Thaddeus Marston believed to be born in Machais ME in 1872 - died 1937 in Danvers, MA.  He is listed as living with his grandparents John R Marston and wife Hannah Bowers Marston in the 1880 census and listed just after Hattie so it has been assumed she is his mother.  HOWEVER I have a copy of his death certificate (attached) and it states "Jordan" as the father and "Josephine" as his mother.  Hattie did have a sister named Josephine so she could be the mother, or he could have lived with them and thought of her as his mother.   Of course those details are only as good as the person reporting for the death certificate so who knows if this is true or not?????  I find no record of a Jordan Marston. Josephine was married to a Ripley and had one son, Ernest who died when he was 16.  After that her trail goes cold.   By the 1900 Census, Thaddeus is married to Mary Jane Cochran and living in Portland ME.  Would love to connect with any Marston's with a Machias background.

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From familysearch.org

Josephine Marston

mentioned in the record of Ernest C. Ripley
Name Josephine Marston
birth_place Machias, maine
gender Female
Husband James H. Ripley
Son Ernest C. Ripley
Other information in the record of Ernest C. Ripley
from Massachusetts Deaths
Name Ernest C. Ripley
Event Type Death
Event Date 21 Feb 1905
Event Place Boston, Massachusetts
Residence Place Boston, Massachusetts
Gender Male
Age 16
Marital Status Single
Birthplace Everett, Massachusetts
Birth Year (Estimated) 1889
Burial Place Wakefield, Massachusetts
Cemetery Wakefield
Father's Name James H. Ripley
Father's Birthplace Providence, N. S.
Mother's Name Josephine Marston
Mother's Birthplace Machias, maine

Josephine Marston

mentioned in the record of Jacob Jordan and Josephine Marston
Name Jacob Jordan
Spouse's Name Josephine Marston
Event Date 11 Jul 1874

Caroline Josephine Marston

Maine Births and Christenings
Name Caroline Josephine Marston
Gender Female
Birth Date 04 Apr 1849
Father's Name John R. Marston
Mother's Name Hannah W. Marston

Thanks Pamela - I have evidence of the marriage of Josephine to James Ripley, and have the evidence of the death of their son Ernest at age 16.

The birth record for Caroline "Josephine" is new to me as is the marriage of "Caroline" Josephine to Jacob Jordan - I have seen her name listed that way before but in all the census documents she is listed as Josephine - which is not uncommon that many of our ancestors were known by their middle name.... however they are married 2 years after the birth of Thaddeus so it still does not answer the question of his paternity.  This is a puzzle that may require a trip to Machais to finally figure out!  The death certificate I have which is an original clearly states Jordan Marston as the father and Josephine as the mother.... and Thaddeus went by the surname of Marston not Jordan so I suspect that Jacob may have been a "step-father" if indeed Josephine not Hattie is his mother.... so many missing pieces in this one!  But we do know that he is the grandson of John Reynolds Marston so he truly is a "Marston"!  

Thanks for the new info!


In case you need it, the will of John R. Marston is here, and mentions "my two daughters Marietta Barstow, and Josephine Ripley" and "my four sons James Loring Marston, Franklin Marston, Lorenzo E. Marston, and Nehemiah M. Marston." (His daughter Hattie had married in 1883 and died in 1887.)

As Josephine's marriage record to James H. Ripley calls her Josephine Fitch, she must be the "Josephine Jordan," born in Machias, who was married to Edwin Fitch. They were living in Somerville in 1880. Their son Frank was born in Machias in 1878, but the birth was recorded in Boston. Edwin died in Wakefield in 1887.

James H. Ripley seems to have been widowed and remarried in 1907, and then settled in San Francisco. I wonder if James and Josephine had removed to California after Ernest's death, and if this could be her death record. It says that she was born in Maine, and died 1 Feb. 1906, aged 53 years, 9 months, 28 days. That would put her date of birth at around 4 April 1852. The year is off, but the day and month match the known birthdate of Caroline Josephine Marston.

Chris - thank you! 

I did not have a copy of the will!   It appears that my 2nd gr grandmother got around (as did her son, my grandfather and father - all have more than one marriage!)

Many researchers have always noted Hattie as Thaddeus' mother because he is listed just after her in the 1880 census but after finding his death certificate in my late fathers papers, I started to search again.  The marriage to Jacob Jordan in 1874 lines up with Thaddeus' birth between 1873-1875 (depending on which census we gather that info from!)  Jacob and Josephine divorced in Dec 1878 according to Maine Records.  Interesting to note that Frank Fitch noted as born in 1878 was the son of Josephine and Edwin - married in Somerville in 1880 according to records noted.  It appears he may have been born previous to Josephine divorce?

My summation from all this information is that Thaddeus is indeed the son of Caroline Josephine Marston and Jacob Jordan which is in line with what is noted on his death certificate.  By 1880 she is married to Edwin Fitch and subsequently James Ripley and I believe Thaddeus was left to live with his maternal grandparents.  They are listed as his parents on his marriage certificate.

Thanks to all for the information - I think I have the connections straight for now....maybe :-)

The divorce record is here, and confirms that Jacob and Josephine married in Machias in 1874. It says that she had an "infant child of him, the said Jacob, born in lawful wedlock and named Florence" of whom she wished to be awarded custody. This record was probably transcribed from a clerk's notes, so perhaps "Thaddeus" was mistakenly transcribed as "Florence."

The divorce was not actually granted. The record ends by saying that the action was "continued from term to term to the present term, when and where the same is dismissed."

Hmmm it must have been granted at some point as I have record of her second and 3rd marriages!  The only piece of evidence I have in my hands is Thaddeus Death certificate so I am staying with this connection until I prove otherwise.   Thanks again for the assists!


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