I am looking for information / ancestors of my gggrandfather Theodore Hutchins (1819 - 1886), husband of Persis Perkins.  Theodore and Persis appear to live their lives in Wells and Ogunquit.  I am unable to find Theodore's parents.  Thanks in advance for your help.  Dottie Hutchins

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In 1850 Theodore and Persis were living near Jotham Hutchins, age 59, in Wells. The birth places of both Theodore and Jotham were given as York, Maine. Jotham married Harriet Littlefield in 1811, and lived in Wells in 1820, York in 1830, and back in Wells in 1840. This was the only Hutchins family living in Wells in 1840. It's possible that Theodore was Jotham's son by his first wife, Harriet Littlefield.


It should be noted that the 1830 and 1840 censuses suggest that Jotham had only one son born about 1819-20. A Reuben Hutchins, the same age as Theodore, lived with him in Wells in 1850, and nearby in 1860. One would think that the two men were brothers, but the earlier censuses seem to preclude that.


Incidentally, here is a listing of Hutchins burials in Walnut Grove Cemetery, Ogunquit, in case you need it:


Thanks Chris!

I did notice the Jotham (I had guessed it was Jonathan) Hutchins on the same 1850 cesus page as Theodore, and saw that by his age he could have been Theodore's father.  I will go in this direction, and see what it brings.  I too had wondered if Rueben was a brother, but did not find detailed earlier census of the two together. 

Thank you so much for the gravestone inscriptions.  J. (Joseph) Ervin, and his wife Lillis Empey, are my ggrandparents.  This is a wonderful documentation.

Thanks again, Dottie

Glad I could help! The cemetery listing comes from volume 93 of The New England Historical and Genealogical Register (July 1939).

I have discovered that many  Hutchins  ancestors of the 1800's  spelled their last name    " Hutchings "

That may be an area to look   ( Hutchins & Hutchings )   www.penobscot-maine.com/names

Thanks, Glen! 

You are right.  I kept digging, and found Jack Randolph Hutchins' book, "Hugh Hutchins of Old England."  This book contains, "A Genealogy of the Family of Enoch Hutchings of Kittery, Maine," by Richard Jasper Hutchings.  In this genealogy I learn that my Theodore is the ggg-grandson of Enoch Hutchings.  (For my line, the "g" is dropped a couple generations after Enoch.)

Thanks again for your interest and help,



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