Thomas Andrew Lunney / Susan Martha (Taylor) Lunney Family of Easton and Westfield, Aroostook County

I am writing a book titled: "Biographical Ancestry of the Lunney Family of Maine".


The Lunney Family of Maine are the descendants of Thomas Andrew Lunney and Susan Martha (Taylor) Lunney of Easton and Westfield, Aroostook County, Maine and their twelve children.




Thomas Andrew Lunney was born on April 28, 1873 at Glassville, New Brunswick and died on August 19, 1943 at Easton, Maine. Susan Martha (Taylor) Lunney was born on July 21, 1884 at Easton, Maine and died on January 13, 1958 at Mars Hill, Maine.


Their twelve chidren:


1. A unamed son, born on December 28, 1901 at Easton, Maine and died on January 6, 1902 at 8-days-old.


2. John Russell Lunney, born on April 10, 1902 at Easton, Maine and died in July 1972. 


3. Rita Pearl Lunney (Benjamin), born in 1904 at Easton, Maine and died as a young wife and mother.


4. Harvey Lunney (twin), born on March 5, 1905 at Easton, Maine and died on March 7, 1905 at 2-days-old.


5. Harold Lunney (twin), born on March 5, 1905 at Easton, Maine and died on March 9, 1905 at 4-days-old.


6. Earl Thomas Lunney (twin), born on December 28, 1910 at Easton, Maine and died on February 7, 1987 at Presque Isle, Maine. 


7. Ellery David Lunney (twin), born on December 28, 1910 at Easton, Maine and died in April 1978.


8. Mary Rosella Lunney (Holmes), born in November 1912, and died on Feb. 4, 2004. 


9. Alice Rowena Lunney (Gregory), born on May 15, 1915 at Easton Maine, and died on August 20, 2010 at Dexter, Maine.


10. Leigh William Lunney, born on November 16, 1922 and died on August 17, 1985.


11. Boyd Arthur Lunney, born on October 25, 1926.


12. Avis Lunney, born in 1928 and died as a toddler.


I am seeking photographs, biographies, vital records and anecdotes about the Lunney's listed above.  All of them except for my father, Boyd Lunney, are now dead. 


I am creating a record of the family and its remarkable ancestry, dating back to the Middle Ages in England, the Netherlands and Ireland. 


Ironically, I have found plenty of documentation, biographies, andecdotes and images relating the ancestors of Thomas and Susan (Taylor) Lunney, dating back over 600 years, but have surprisingly little information about my own grandparents and their children. 


I would appreciate any help you can provide. Please email me at:


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hi my name is kevin wayne miller i live in kansas and  cannot find anything on my 3 rd great grandfather.If u would like tohelp me out i would appreciate it. you can reach me thru ty again



Who was your 3rd great grandfather?

henry Miller he was born 2-5-1794 died4-5-1871 he married a sally swan


  • Birth: 1794, ME
  • Death: AFT 1860
Family 1: Sally SWAN
  • Marriage: ABT 1820, Prob. Hermon, ME
  1. Solon MILLER
  2. Lorenzo? MILLER
  3. Jeremiah MILLER
  4. John Swan MILLER
  5. Hannah MILLER
  6. Nancy MILLER



Thanks for the copy of my grandparents' marriage license. I knew they that had lied about their ages.  She was actually 16 and he was 27 when they married.


I didn't know that my grandfather Thomas Lunney also lied about his father being a farmer in Easton, Maine.  His father, William Lunnie, was probably already dead by that date (he died in 1900), and never lived in Maine as far as I know.  He also didn't disclose that his father was born in Ireland.  Sounds like he may have been trying to conceal an immigration problem.


Tim Lunney


 My name is Sarah and I am Ellery Lunney's Great Grand Daughter, maybe able to help with photographs and what not. Mabel Brooker Lunney is my Great Grandmother Ellerys wife she is still living, currently in Presque Isle Maine. I am on facebook if you would like to get in touch, it's under Sarah Edward Saylor. 

Hello Cousin Sarah,


Good to hear from you.  I'd appreciate whatever old photos of the Lunney's that you could send me.  My email address is:


Tim Lunney


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