I'm trying to verify my information on the Bartlett family of Kennebec County, specifically from Mt. Vernon and Belgrade. My Great-grandfather was James Coombs Bartlett (1833-1881), the son of Peter Bartlett (1804-1880), who was the son of Timothy Bartlett (abt.1744-abt.1850). I have not been able to verify the parents of Timothy Bartlett nor can I find his wife's maiden name and all of his children's names, even though they were all born in Mt. Vernon.

Peter Bartlatt married Emily Brown and his sister, Mariam Bartlett, married Emily's brother, Cotton Gillman Brown. They had a brother, Cyrus Bartlett, who married Martha J. Gordon. Timothy is last shown on the 1850 Census as living with Cyrus and his family in Mt. Vernon. There were five other children, but I don't have their names, just their dates of birth. They may not have survived past infancy.

The first Census that a Timothy Bartlett appears on is from 1790, showing him as living in Washington Plantation, Lincoln County, Maine. My research shows that he was originally from New Hampshire.

I am in South Carolina, a long way from Maine, so any help with my research will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Margaret. I'm not sure how this website works yet so I've left you messages in several areas. I am also researching these families and would like to trade notes and help you out as well.  I live in Maine.  Hope to hear from you, chris Smith

Thought some more about it and realized that Peter's father Timothy is probably the BROTHER of my John Bartlett b. 1788. their parents were Timothy and Sarah, maiden name unknown.  Joshua and Josiah might be brothers of Peter's father Timothy but not sure. 


I think Jonathan and Samuel might have been brothers of your Timothy and my John but not 100% sure. 


So for you going back it is something like Peter, Timothy (Abigail), Timothy (Sarah), Joshua (Priscilla), Samuel, Samuel, Richard of Newbury.


Timothy and Abigail are buried in Dudley Plains Cemetery in Kennebec Co. I *think* Timothy Sr. (Sarah's spouse) might be buried in Wilton. He may have gone to live with a child. he died 1832. I don't know where Sarah is buried.  Since my John b. 1778 is said to have been born in Kingston, NH I think you have it right with Timothy (that would be Sarah's Timothy) coming from NH, but he was born in Amesbury, mass. Kingston, NH seemd to be a big hub for Bartletts. I still need to document these connectionsbut I think its right  chris  

might be a tangent but my great grandmother is ethel d. bartlette or d. ethel bartlett and she married my grandfather Ralph W. E. Brown Rockland Maine

Okay, so we are no doubt related but I don't have your great-grandparents in my tree on Ancestry.com.  Who were your great-grandmother's parents? How can I trace your ancestry?  Do you have an Ancestry.com account that we can share our findings?

I also have recently received my DNA info on Ancestry and I am related to more people than I have been able to trace, but what fun to try. More Browns and Bartletts (and all their wives families) than you can shake a stick at.  I'd be more than happy to share my research with you.

Peg (Margaret Bartlett Adams) Nelson

Delia Ethel Bartlett / Ethel D. Bartlett - Goes by either name born in Rockland 6/23/1888.  Father was James Whiting Bartlett or Whiting J. Bartlett born in Hope or Rockland, Maine.  Mother was Mary Frances Kelly born in Rockland Maine.  He was a farmer.


Ethel, My great-grandmother aka Nan Her father's name was Hector M. Brown and mother was Nellie I. Blood; both born in Rockland Maine.  The Browns trace the family to Benjamin Brown and Chad Brown.


Hi, Hilary?

I traced your Bartlett family tree back to England, but I don't see any common ancestors with the Bartletts on my tree.  Robert Bartlett & Mary Warren in your tree came from Dorset,England to Plymouth, MA, in 1623.   Richard Bartlett & Joan DeWiltshire from my tree came from Sussex, England to Newbury, MA, in 1634. So, we may not be related at all.

Peg Nelson

I am curious about Emily brown

Emily Brown who married Peter Bartlett traces back through several Abraham and Samuel Browns to George Brown who emigrated from England.  Not a Hector in the bunch. 

Could you email me back your information hilarychinnery@yahoo.com

Sending 6 pages of several hours of research on Ancestry.com. and throwing kittens off my desk and keyboard. They tipped over a Coke last night and now half the keys are sticking. I need a new keyboard!


Peg Nelson

I do recognize the extensive time needed thank you

No problem, just something to do while watching TV, and it is like a jigsaw puzzle. Once you get a piece, you have to keep working on it until it is done. So you are very welcome. Hope you are able to open the file I sent on your computer and that it gives you some new information.

Peg Nelson


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