I'm trying to verify my information on the Bartlett family of Kennebec County, specifically from Mt. Vernon and Belgrade. My Great-grandfather was James Coombs Bartlett (1833-1881), the son of Peter Bartlett (1804-1880), who was the son of Timothy Bartlett (abt.1744-abt.1850). I have not been able to verify the parents of Timothy Bartlett nor can I find his wife's maiden name and all of his children's names, even though they were all born in Mt. Vernon.

Peter Bartlatt married Emily Brown and his sister, Mariam Bartlett, married Emily's brother, Cotton Gillman Brown. They had a brother, Cyrus Bartlett, who married Martha J. Gordon. Timothy is last shown on the 1850 Census as living with Cyrus and his family in Mt. Vernon. There were five other children, but I don't have their names, just their dates of birth. They may not have survived past infancy.

The first Census that a Timothy Bartlett appears on is from 1790, showing him as living in Washington Plantation, Lincoln County, Maine. My research shows that he was originally from New Hampshire.

I am in South Carolina, a long way from Maine, so any help with my research will be greatly appreciated.

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Peg. Got it sent it to my dad. Wow and thank you

Hi Marge: I live in Winthrop, Maine..

 I found aPeter D Bartlett Married to Emily Bartlett. Their children are-

Joel     Bartlett 1829-1871

Susan Jane Bartlett  1830-1862


Greenlief G   ''  ''        1836-1913

Franklin   P   "  "        1838- 1842

Clare     E     "   "       1847-1863

Ann      D     "    "       1850- 1879

              No James Coombs Bartlett..  Where was he Born and whats his wifes name??

   dlcar538th@outlook.com        Richard E Carson

Hi, Richard,

Peter Dunn Bartlett and Emily Brown had 10 children:  Joel Brown, Susan Jane, James Coombs, Greenleaf Greely, Franklin Peter, Henry Martin, Emily Pamela, Millie E., Clara Abby, and Ann D.Bartlett.  As you can tell, I've been able to gather a lot more info since I first made this post.  

James Coombs Bartlett, like the rest of his siblings, was born in Mt. Vernon, Maine, in 1833, died in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1881 of pneumonia. He owned a livery stable and ice house on the river there. He married MARY JARUSHA NORTON who had 2 sisters, Flora and Cora Norton. Flora died in childbirth. Cora married Samuel Davis, a lawyer from Chicago.


Cora Norton Davis and Mary Norton Bartlett both died from TB or consumption, as it was called then.  Mary and James Coombs Bartlett had 3 children, one of whom was my grandfather, Henry Norton Bartlett.  When the Norton sisters died and James Bartlett died less than a year later, Samuel Davis assumed the children's care and moved the family with him to New York where he raised them as his own.  A good man.

Now, going backwards, Peter Dunn Bartlett was the son of Timothy and Abigail Sherburne Bartlett, Timothy was the son of Timothy and Sara (unknown) Bartlett. Timothy Sr. was the son of Joshua & Priscilla Jacobs Bartlett, Joshua was the son of Samuel and Abigail Wells Bartlett, Samuel was the son of Samuel and Elizabeth Titcomb Bartlett, Samuel Sr was the son of Richard and Abigail Belnap Wells. Richard was the son of Richard and Joan Dewiltshire Bartlett (from England). 

A main sticking point is the unknown last name of Sarah, who married Timothy Bartlett (1752-1832)  She was born abt 1755, died and was buried in Maine, but no date and no further clues as to her maiden name.  She was my 4th great-grandmother, mother to 11 children, but I have not been able to find her last name.Any ideas in that direction would be greatly appreciated.

Peg Nelson  (nelson.inc@charter.net)


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