My ancestor Simon Brown purchased 120 acres of land in Township No.One, Fifth Range of Town, Hancock County, Sept 27, 1802,  from Elijah Dix of Boston for $338.52. [Bk. 12, p. 490]


Where would this land be located? I know that Simon settled in Brownville. He came from the Thomaston area. He owned property in Thomaston and Cushing and was selling this off in the 1801-1803 time period.


In the 1810 census, Simon was living in Township Two, Range Five, Hancock County. I was told that this was Brownville.   




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The town of Bradford was originally called Township No. 1 in the Fifth Range North of Waldo Patent (T1 R5 NWP). It was set off from Hancock to Penobscot County in 1816.

T2 R5 NWP is now Charleston. Brownville was originally T5 R8 NWP.
Thanks Chris. That takes care of that mystery.


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