Trying to find information about my family, I hope there is someone out there that can help me.

Does anyone know anything about the Grant and Knight family from Yarmouth area? 2 Walter Grants, a William and a Lucinda, ( maiden name Knight ). Also, Harriet ( Hattie ) Grant? I would be forever greatful for ANY information about them. Thank you.

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I don't know what you have, so I'll just give you everything I've found this evening on the family:

The 1930 census shows William M. Grant, 73, living in Yarmouth with wife Lucinda E., 63, a daughter and three grandchildren.

The 1920 census shows William and Lucinda living in Yarmouth with seven children and grandson Walter A.

Their 1910 census record says that the couple had been married 28 years, and that William had been married once before. Lucinda had had 13 children, 11 of whom were still living.

The 1900 census tells us that William was born Oct. 1857, and that Lucinda was born Apr. 1867. In that year 7 of Lucinda's 9 children were living.

According to this record, William M. Grant, son of Orrin L. and Mary A. Grant, married Lucy E. Knight, daughter of Darius L. and Harriet Knight, 21 Jan. 1882 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Here is William's birth record. He was born 24 Oct. 1857 in Yarmouth. His mother's maiden name was evidently Corliss. Lucinda was born 15 Apr. 1867 in Yarmouth. From this record, it appears that her mother's maiden name was also Corliss.

The birth record of their daughter Hattie gives a little added info about the parents as well. Harriett May Grant was born 12 Dec. 1884 in Yarmouth to William Marston and Lucinda Etta (Knight) Grant.

The 1910 census said that William had married before, and the family's entry in the 1904 Yarmouth Register suggests that William's eldest son, Fred, was born to his first wife. I find a marriage record for William M. Grant and Cora H. Andrews, 14 May 1877 in Bath. In 1880, Nellie Grant was living with her mother, Dora Andrews, in Bath, and living with her was a son Fred D. Grant, aged 3. I strongly suspect that this was William's first wife and child. In the 1900 census, "Helen C." Andrews was divorced, and Fred was still living with her.

As we saw, Walter A. Grant, 16, was living with grandparents William and Lucinda in 1920. On 26 Sept. 1928, Walter E. Grant married Gertrude F. Butt, and in 1930, he was living in Yarmouth with wife Gertrude, son Walter E., Jr., and brother-in-law Clarence T. Butt.
Oh My Chris!!! I am so excited about this!! You have found out things My Step-mom and I have not been able to find. Not even close! I am so greatful to you for your help!! If there is anything else you come up with or find, it would mean the world to me but also My Dad. he doesn't know where he came from and my step-mom is trying to find out about his ancestry. I don't want to push, but I don't know where to turn at all. I guess I should have said this from the beginning but I don't have a great thing is...My Dad doesn't know who he is from his fathers side. We don't know a name other than Grant and we think that was from his grandmother Hattie. Also, we have a suspicion that my dad's grandfather Walter E Grant was illegitimate and we don't know how to look for that. I'm sorry I am so new at this but if you don't mind I could really use the help. Thank you again Chris...SO much!! :)
You're welcome!

Yes, I believe that Walter E. was born to Harriett May "Hattie" Grant prior to her marriage to Francis H. Gallant. Frank and Hattie were living in Yarmouth in 1910 with his parents, Alexander J. and Margaret E. Gallant. Also living with them were Walter E. "Gallant," aged 6, a grandson. This must have been Hattie's son, Walter E. Grant.

Frank and Hattie had six children in 1920, which might explain why Walter was then living with his maternal grandparents. In 1930, they had eight children living with them.

You might be able to order Walter's birth record from the state archives or from the Yarmouth town office (assuming that that's where he was born). The birth records of children "not born of marriage" are usually kept separate from the others at the archives, so I'm not sure if they will give you access. The rules might be relaxed for a record more than 100 years old, especially if you can prove descent from the person.
Wow!!! I'm speechless!!! You have singlehanded;y found out things that have been taking us months! Thank you sooooo much Chris. You have no Idea how greatful I am!! HUGS!!!!
You're welcome again! And thanks for the hugs!
You are most welcome :)

Donna I have been doing my family tree for over a year. I am also stuck on Orrin Grant. He was my 3rd Great Grandfather. My grandmother was Roseanna Gallant Waterman,. Her parents were Frank Gallant and Harriet (Hattie) Grant. I do have the Gallant line done. I had some help from a distant relative in Canada.The Gallants can be traced all the way back to 1620 France to a Pierre Hache Larche french for (Gallant). He married a Indian Amerindian unknown. But if you do not have any of this info I can email to you if you like.

Most of the Gallant family are from Canada. Frank was born in Richibeto, Canada.

Now I am interested in finding information on the daughter of Walter E. Grant and Paulina Vantour. She would be my husband's father's half sister. Walter was married to Gertrude F. Butt in 1928 and married to Paulina in 1948.
Do we have a name yet Mom?? For Walter E Grant's daughter?
No Donna that's what we need to find out. Maybe when we go to the library with Tammy we can find something.
A New Years' party was held in New Gloucester in Jan. 1958. Among those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Earle Van Tour, and Mrs. Paulina Grant with children Lucinda and Earle.

When Paulina's parents, Earl and Madeline, died in Florida in 1998 and 1997, they were survived by daughter Paulina Desjardin. Paulina E. Grant married Armand J. Desjardin in March 1960.
Wow that is so helpful. Thank you Chris. I would like to have a copy of this article. How do I go about that? It is very interesting. Lucinda her daughter clearly was named after Walter E. Grant grandmother. You have been a big help.


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