Trying to find information about my family, I hope there is someone out there that can help me.

Does anyone know anything about the Grant and Knight family from Yarmouth area? 2 Walter Grants, a William and a Lucinda, ( maiden name Knight ). Also, Harriet ( Hattie ) Grant? I would be forever greatful for ANY information about them. Thank you.

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I am also looking for Info on My 3rd Great Grandfather Orrin L Grant wife Mary Corllis. Has any one found Info on his parents yet?

Still looking Gail,  let us know if you come up with anything.

Orin was my great, great grandfather (Orin/Edwin/Edgar/Harold). Much of the Corliss genealogy is complete thanks to Mary's uncle, Augustus Corliss, who had a distinguish military career. He self published the genealogy as well as a gazette of the daily events in Yarmouth, "Old Times of North Yarmouth". 

I have one of Mary's bibles and well as a couple of letters to her from her brother during the Civil War. The large Corliss headstone is long gone, but Great Aunt Francis paid from a small headstone to mark Mary's grave. I don't know if it is still in place.

Judith Grant

Donna this is a photo of Hattie Grant Gallant I found on Ancestry. Don't know if you saw this or not.

I also looking. Orin was my great, great grandfather (Orin/Edwin/Edgar/Harold). I have a professional copy of a photograph of him in his Civil War uniform, Mary Corliss's bible, and a couple of letters from her brother telling Mary of husband's death. The bible and letter's were passed down to me from Great Aunt Francis. I have some other photographs that I will post as well.

The clue may well be hidden in Freeport church records, unfortunately those records were lost in a fire. And, in Orin's middle name of Libby.

The find a grave site show's Orin's tombstone in Mechanicville's; I will be on a business trip to Richmond soon and intend on visiting to pay my respects.

Judith Grant

Great to hear from you Judith, and to hear that you have that priceless bible and photos- Please post and/or share the photos if you could, and maybe add that one photo to his Find-a-grave site.  I was able to visit his grave last year on a business trip of my own- Make sure to get out and around to the battlefield sites when you go.

I was not aware that Orin's middle name was Libby- that certainly is a clue, and I wonder if that was from the Pownal Libbys- there are many there.  There is one marriage record of Aaron R. Grant and Alhaba Libby in Pownal, but not until about 1843.

Did your Grandfather also go by the name James by any chance?


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