Chris, and others: is there any information about Usher's Grant, which seems to have been a part of No. 2 (later Franklin Plantation)? I've seen a plan in the Oxford County Deeds that places it adjacent to Sumner and No. 2, but I can't find any information about it's origin, or whether or when this is some of the land annexed to Sumner.

Any thoughts are appreciated!

Hope you're all doing well in these strange times--


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Sorry for the delay, Kathrine, I just noticed your post. The only plan of No. 2 I can find online mentioning Usher is this one. It's Titcomb's 1787 plan of Township No. 2, which shows 4,750 acres laid out for Abijah Usher adjoining New Pennycook (later Rumford).

This is a bit confusing, but in 1795 the Proprietors of Buxton were granted 5,000 acres in No. 2 adjoining New Pennycook. The bounds of the land granted are similar to those of the land "laid out" for Abijah Usher years earlier. In 1797 Abijah Usher of Medford, Mass., bought of Samuel Thompson of Topsham "Eight rights of land granted by the Government of Massachusetts to the proprietors of Buxton containing two thousand and four hundred and fifty acres more or less being part of the five thousand acres of land granted to said Proprietors by the General Court of Massachusetts in the year of our Lord one thousand and ninety five" [Cumberland Deeds, 41:96]. An 1811 deed shows Usher selling land in No. 2 adjoining Rumford—presumably part of this tract [Oxford Deeds, 9:185].

Usher did later own land adjoining Sumner and Gorham Academy land (now part of Woodstock) [See Oxford Deeds, Book 3, Page 407]. This was part of a second grant made to the proprietors of Buxton.

Thanks, Chris! Indeed, these early grants are tough to sort out. Thanks for the Buxton connection. I always appreciate your time!

~ Kathrine


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