Amos Gross b: 1832, and son Alexis Gross, b:1874-5...suspect one or both were born in Frankfort, ME....need to find their birth records, and hoping to find someone who has info on them.

Amos' parents were Edward Trueworthy Gross, and Irene Treat. Edward was born in Orland, ME.

Amos is buried in Smart Cemetery in Swanville, ME.

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I am looking for the birth record of my grand father Harry Everett Hawkes

Born October 1914, died 1973

What State and town if known.

State of Maine, waldo county. I think he was born in frankfort, Maine

Thank you Pamela Dobson

There was a Harry E. D. Hawkes born in 1914 in Washington County. If you don't have an subscription, perhaps another member can check the record and see if this was your grandfather.
I just viewed the birth record. Harry E. D. Hawkes was born 30 Oct. 1914 in Baileyville, Maine. He was the seventh child of his mother. His father was Leon Hawkes, born in Vassalboro, Maine, resident of Woodland, Maine. His mother was Minnie Leighton, born in Calais, Maine.
Thank you so much, that was what I have from also. Just the ED didn't match, His name should be Harry Everett Hawkes, again thank you Pamela Dobson
The info I got is that Frankfort, Maine lost their records in a fire, but don't know the year. That is why I cannot find birth records for my grandfather and his father.

Is it possible he was born at home?


It is possible, but all previous ancestor births have been recorded, as well as those following Amos and Alexis Gross.

Amos Gross was born in Bucksport, Maine, 28, Nov. 1832.

Alexis gross was born in Frankfort, Maine, 28, Nov, 1874


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