Morton Curtis fought in the 1812 war . I find obtaining the 1812 records do hold a lot of info on the veteran. I recently received one on a another family member/ When I was stuck on the spouses name and in the record it told me what her maiden name was. When researching many records the name always have different spelling of names and can be very confusing.. The war of 1812 pension file is about $ 55.00 to obtain from the National Archives. I have put on Morton Curtis Widow pension card so everyone will know what this record holds.

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I have found that getting War of 1812 records is difficult at best, do you have some sources you can share?  I subscribe to as my main resource.


Go to family and put in your persons name then go to left side and click on collections go to military area then when hits come up click on it. You will then see the 1812 pension card with info you need. I hope this is the answer you were looking for? Once you find it then go to the National Archives. You will have to subscribe to the national Archives then once you do your profile user name password. You will have to go to order reproductions look for the 1812 records ordering fill in the info you have on your ancestor ...if you do not know exactly the questions they ask leave it blank. remember to put in any additional comments such as example pensioners WO no 244354 you will see this no on left of card .   



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