My great-grandfather David Russell Wentworth married Ella Smith 1915 Fayette Maine, does anyone know what year Ella died or perhaps if what year they were divorced? She was married earlier to an Edward Smith Fayette Maine. I think she also had Leighton and Blaisdell as a last name.

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According to their 1915 marriage record, Ella Flora Smith was the daughter of Levi E. and Amanda (Black) Blaisdell, and was born about 1850 in Jay, Me. It says that this was her third marriage, but it was apparently her fourth.


Ella's family lived in Chesterville, Me., in 1850, Boston, Mass., in 1860. She married first, 18 Nov. 1869 in Chesterville, Eli W. Wheeler. She was a widow by 1880, and lived with her mother in Fayette. She married second, ______ Leighton, who also died. I haven't been able to find his first name. She married third, 7 Jan. 1899 in Wayne, Me., Edward E. Smith of Fayette.

Then married David Russell Wentworth Maine 1915. He was born in Lawrence Ma. 1849 to David and Lydia Cushing "Durgin" Wentworth. Ella died in Fl. 1826 and David in Fl. 1931 Thanks for all your inf E>G>P>

I Believe she (Ella F Wentworth) died in Seminole, Florida in 1926, As did David Russel Wentworth in 1931. Your link at

gave me the clues on where to look. Here is a copy of deaths from that time from 

as well as David's

Hope this helps on where to look at least.



It certainly helped, she is on the grave of David Russell Wentworth, says Ella F. Next time I go to a cemetery I will write ALL names down and not leave it to memory.

Thank you so much...

I thank those who sent me the info. I visited that grave site, on the lot is David Russell Wentworth plus his son David Raymond and a grandson Leslie , all are veterans. There was another grave but I don't recall the name, a female, my memory doesn't remember it was Ella. Next time I visit Fl. I will visit Palm Cemetery and be more carefull to inventory the names. Thanks again a great-grandaughter. PS David Russell's 1st. wife was Charlotte Ida Arno buried at Mountain View Cem. Camden Me.

David R married a 3rd. time looks like Lilie G in 1930 Fl. census, she is 70 and born in Maine. Who was she can any one help, I have received so much help already from this site, forever grateful.

David's death record gives her name as "Lelia."

Thanks Cris Dunham, his first wife Charlotte Ida "Arno" is buried in Mountain View Cemetery Camden Maine, a daughter Celestine Smith and infant son (Stillborn) are with her. Charlotte called Lottie is the mother to her and David's nine children: 

Ella is buried in the Palm Cemetery Winter Park, Orange County Florida, no birth or death date on stone. Her death date is 1926. She is on the lot with husband David Russell Wentworth 1849-1931,, DRW's son and grandson are on that lot too, Ella and David had no children it was an older marriage.


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