Does anyone know the locations of any cemeteries in the West Brighton area of Maine, I have a few death records of people that state they were buried there, I have one cemetery named York Cemetery just off the Solon RD in this area which I have found and I found one in Brighton just off rt 151 near Kinsbury rd intersection. there is an atlas that has a cemetery rd among the logging roads in this area but I couldn't find any cemeteries while traveling on these roads. Any Ideas? Ben

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This 1883 map of Brighton shows five cemeteries. There is one in the southwestern corner of town under the name "C. York," one just southeast of Wyman Pond, another near Brighton Village, a fourth southeast of the village near the name "L. Forbus," and a fifth just southeast of the fourth.

Thanks Chris, I'm here in Maine for a reunion and that gives me a few more places to look. By the way the year I'm looking for is 1893 for a Betsey Smart (aka Tuttle, York). I have her Death Record, But can't quite seem to find the location of her burial. I am hoping that several others I'm looking for are near her.



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