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I have managed to trace my American ancestors back from Australia to Berwick and York in Maine. Which as you may guess is quite a challenge from this far flung part of the world. I have been relying on what digitised records are out there, but I fear I am now at the pointy end of my research, where I have to start accessing records that are not digitised. I am hoping that you may be able to advise me where I need to look next. My family are listed below. I will keep the spelling of Tibbets the same but please note there are a lot of variations in spelling the main one being Tebbetts.

Ichabod Tibbetts and Tamson (Tampson) joined the 2nd Church of Berwick in 1761. I do not know where or when they were married but according to some family trees out there they already had some children before joining. Once they joined my 5xgreat grandfather Ephraim was the first child listed as being baptised. This was in June 1762. He went on to marry Rachel Jones in 1781. She was also baptised in the 2nd Berwick church, in April 1765. Her parents were John and Priscilla Jones who had also joined the church in 1761.

Apparently Ichabod had a will, where can I get a copy of his will? and where could I find out if John Jones had one too?

Also any advise on where I could find marriage details for Ichabod and Tamson as well as John Jones and Priscilla would be greatly appreciated.

Finally where would I find baptism records of any earlier children? 



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Ichabod's will is here. The estate file of John Jones begins here. It says here that his heirs were "Eleven in Number," but I don't see their names listed in the file.

What Berwick town records are available online may be viewed by clicking on the camera icons here and here. The description of the records indicates that there is a gap in marriage records from 1735 to 1788.

Ichabod and Tamson Tibbetts are supposed to have been dismissed from the church in Somersworth, New Hampshire, to Berwick in 1761, so records of their marriage and the baptisms of the older children may possibly be found there. Somersworth records are not yet available online at FamilySearch.

Chris that is so wonderful. Thank you so much. I will now read through them and see where to next.

Hi Chris where did you find the info about Ichabod and Tamson being dismissed from the church in Somerset?

I saw it mentioned in a few places, including in a snippet here. Tamson was supposedly dismissed from Somersworth 21 June 1761, and she and Ichabod was received in Berwick, as shown here.

Thank you


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