I am looking for info on the wife David Bryant. I found in 1850 and 1860 of Enfield that her name is Beddy or Peda. On rootsweb it is her last name is Balcus and on Familysearch.org she is Beddy Bockum Balcus. I believe she was born around 1788. I also have that She married on 19 sep 1803. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I have a little info on their children and grandchildren, but nothing on David's wife.  I wonder what her name actually was!

Good Luck, - Paul

The 1860 census says that she was born in Massachusetts, and I find a "Peddy Bolckom," child of David, born 3 Aug. 1787 in Norton, Mass. The marriage intentions of David Balkcom and Jane Pulling of Attleborough were published in Norton, 27 Feb. 1780.


I don't know if it's your David Bryant, but a man of that name served in Capt. R. Fletcher's Company, Lieut. Col. H. Moore's Regiment, in the War of 1812. Also serving as a private in that company, which was raised in the town of Harlem (now China) in 1814, was "Lima Balcomb." This was Luna Balcomb, quite possibly the "Aluna" Balcomb born 21 Oct. 1783 in Norton, an apparent brother of "Peddy." He lived in Harlem in 1810 (as did David Bryant).

I am descended from David Bryant, Jr. who married Mary Hamilton from Palermo. My great grandfather was his son Sylvenous Jefferson Bryant.  David, Mary and all the children removed to Minnesota after the Civil War. I'm sure I have more on Beddy's lineage. I'll check when I get home.

Is this David Bryant Jr. the son of David Bryant and Peddy Bolckom?

Yes. David Jr. married Mary Hamilton who was his cousin. Her parents were Sylas Hamilton and Sarah "Sally" Bryant who is also know  as Violet, also my grandmother's name (dau. of Sylvenous).

As to your question about Beddy/Pedda Bockum/Balcus her parents were David Balcom (b.10/18/1755 Norton, Briston, MA d. 10/5/1855 Chine, Kennebec, ME) and Jane Pullen (b. 11/5/1758 Attleboro, Bristol, MA, d. 9/22/1802 Taunton, Bristol MA). I have more ancestors so I can send you a ged file or a pdf outline descendent chart if you like.


I would love for you to send me any info you have. I have found quite a bit on this line with the help of Chris Dunham. Do you know when Peddy and Daniel died? Or what cemeteries might be around Enfield that I search?


Try www.findagrave.com and http://danaraepelletier.tripod.com/Links.html

DanaRae has lots of records listings including cemeteries and you can use findagrave to find graves of people from all over the world.

Peddy/Beddy died in 1870 and David I am assuming before 1870 because he is no longer in the census.

I have tried find a grave with no luck, and I just looked at the link included for Enfield and cemeteries.

I think I will need your email address to send you a ged or pdf file

I got it. thank you.

From the West Enfield Cemetery:


Children of Hiram And Elmiria M

Melvina died Aug 5 1848 ae 6 yrs

Ellen G died Aug 6 1848 ae 2 yrs

Ruben died Nov 18 1862 ae 23 yrs 11 mo 5 dys



Grover 1924 - 1990



Lucy 1886 - 1963



Arthur 1879 - 1956



children of David B. JR and Mary BRYAND

Roxy Ann June 18 1835 ae 22 m

Edward Infant May 1 1847

George H June 6 1855 ae 11 yrs

Last one is mispelled. Should be Bryant but that should be obvious. Edward and George were twins of other children. Mary gave birth to 3 sets! Only one set, Elija and Elisha lived to adulthood.


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