Wondering if anyone knows the location of the William Brown farm in Greenwood. I was told years ago that there exists a picture of the farm.

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On 1 Sept. 1838, William Brown and Darius Richardson bought lot 9 in range 7, Phillips Academy Grant. That grant comprised most of the southern half of Greenwood. It appears that William's farm was on the eastern half of the lot, which was split down the middle by a road.


The land eventually went to William's son Osgood, who leased it back to William and wife Betsey in 1856 with an agreement to maintain them. Their son Dexter took over the farm and the lease in 1859.


The 1858 county map shows William Brown living on the easterly side of the road that passed through his land:


The 1880 map shows William Dexter Brown living at the same location:


A 1911 map shows Cyrus Frank Ring living at that location: http://www.mainegenealogy.net/graphics/greenwoodmap.asp


I believe that this is a picture of the place where Frank Ring lived:


I can't promise that this is the same building where the Browns lived, but I believe it is on the same land. Here is a Google map showing the location: http://ning.it/s8MCwA

On the second map of Greenwood, would that Andrew Richardson?


Yes, I believe that was Andrew.


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