In the census records (see below) I found a William Cross that I cannot place. If anyone could give me his parents, spouse, or children, I would really appreciate it.

1820 in Hallowell - 1 M26-44 (William b.1776-1794), 2 F<5 (b.1816-1820), 1 F16-25 (b.1795-1804), 1 F26-44 (b.1776-1794) - William was in manufacturing

1830 in Hallowell - 1 M40-49 (William b.1780s), 1 F<5 (b.1826-1830), 1 F5-9 (b.1821-1825), 1 F10-14 (b.1816-1820), 1 F15-19 (b.1811-1820), 1 F30-39 (b.1790s)

1840 in Hallowell - 1 M50-59 (William b.1780s), 1 F5-9 (1831-1835), 1 F10-14 (1826-1830), 1 F20-29 (b.1810s), 1 F40-49 (b.1790s)

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Kennebec County deeds (book 39, page 211) indicate that the name of William's wife was Olivia. William Cross of Hallowell married Olive Preble in Whitefield in 1813. A record of their children is given here.

Mrs. Olive Cross of Hallowell married James Clarke in 1842, and in 1845 Olivia and James Clark of Wayne sold land with a dwelling house in Hallowell (book 145, page 158).


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