William was a very prominent person in Ft. Fairfield in mid 1800s. He was a lawyer, at one point its town clerk and possibly a State Senator. The book History of Maine vol. 4 says he died when his second child Granville Mellen was 2. That would make his death about 1864-65. .

I'm hoping to locate his burial site in hopes of finding out what happened to his wife Eunice Decker. Eunice is my GGGrandmother via her 2nd marriage to Joshua Ford. No one knows what happened to her. She died by 1880, some say 1870 others 1871. Joshua filed for divorce in Feb. 1872. Is their a particular cemetery the Hopkinson-Boynton family used? Neither are listed in the online cemetery databases. I find it hard to believe that no knows what happened to a person of such standing!

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I believe he is buried in fort fairfield.  I have a picture of him at my house and the sign for his law practice.  My father was Harold Hopkinson a decendent of his.  Eunice Decker I believe was Doctor Deckers daughter.  My fathers grave stone is in that same cemetary and this summer i will be going there. My number is 314-565-9887.  I was named after him.  My name is William Hopkinson

Hi William,

Sorry I've not called, with everything going on in the country right know, there doesn't seem to be a good time anytime soon. When you get a chance email me: fordsnsumnerme@yahoo.com, would love to talk. I think I talked to your father a couple times on the phone. Ryan


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