William Myrick Cushman was born on 11 July 1823 in Bethel, Maine and died of pneumonia on 12 January 1872 in the City Hospital, Boston, MA..  He was the son of Thomas and Rachel Cushman.

Although an American Civil War Veteran, he was buried in the Boston City Hospital section in anonymous grave in the Mt. Hope Cemetery.

He was survived by his wife, Mary E (Hobbs) Cushman and a son Frederick.

William was living with his family in Portland, Maine at the time of the 1870 federal census.

He was a jeweler by trade.

I am attempting to fill in some blanks regarding William and am hopeful that he appears in someone's family history here.  Does his name ring any bells?

Thank you


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According to my notes, his widow was the Mary Cushman who died in Portland, 22 Mar. 1884, at age 57.

What information are you hoping to find about William?


I would like to find out why he went to Boston and more importantly why his family did not claim his body.

Long shot stuff, I know.

His death record indicates that the hospital knew that he was married.  Was it too expensive to get his body returned?

He may have journeyed there in order to look for more work.  Per the 1870 census, the family did not have a lot of money ($300), especially when compared to their neighbors. 

I suspect that he just had bad luck with the timing of his journey.  I'm guessing that he ran into an epidemic of pneumonia in Boston. 

I also suspect that the hospital did not know that he was a Veteran of the Civil War.  Otherwise I believe they would have contacted the local GAR which does have its own section at Mt Hope.  He was first in the 7th Maine, serving as a Captain but resigned after 3 months.  He was later a sergeant in the 1st DC / Maine Cavalry.

I'm took a photo of his "grave' site and am attempting to put some family history details together as I have done with other ACW Veterans.  ( example: http://www.flickr.com/photos/awmjr_magoo/6272335648/in/photostream )

I chase whatever leads I can dig up and attempt to put something together.

Thanks for your help, Chris


That is a hard question. As he was a professional man, his death might have been mentioned in a Portland newspaper.

I wonder if the date of his death had anything to do with his place of burial. Since he died in January, it would have been difficult to bury him right away—especially in Maine. Perhaps they were able to bury him immediately in Massachusetts, or else kept him in a receiving vault down there until spring and then went ahead and buried him there.

You are correct with the timing of the burial.  He died on 12 Jan 72 but wasn't buried until 4 May.

For those who might be interested, here is what I was able to piece together regarding William.


Still a lot of blanks in the timeline.


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