I would love to compare notes with anyone who is researching 18th and 19th century Winslow families of the Maine mid coast. I am struggling to untangle the knot of 18th century Winslows who descended from Nathaniel Winslow and Elizabeth Holbrook who married in Scituate in 1701 and left Freetown, Massachusetts around 1705. The couple disappeared from the Winslow Memorial after the birth of their third daughter, Elizabeth, in 1704/5 in Freetown. After a few years digging I've tracked the family through local histories and mainly church records to Rochester, Middleboro, Gloucestor, Falmouth (ME), Scarborough (ME). Enroute to Maine they birthed more children -- Nathaniel Jr. 1708, Little Compton; Ann 1710, Rochester; Kenelm 1712, Middleboro; Elisha, 1714, Middleboro; and possibly, Mercy, Manchester 1720.

Nathaniel Sr., Nathaniel Jr., Kenelm and Elisha (what sure looks like a father and three sons) began to show up in (court records) from the wilds of Damariscotty, Newcastle, and Bristol Maine in the early 1730s.  Nathaniel Sr. called himself a Physician in York and Lincoln County Deeds, as did his son Kenelm in Newcastle in the 1760s.

Nathaniel Sr., the Physician, I'm quite certain was the "Doc Winslow" killed in 1757 (Johnston, History of Ancient Sheepscot) on Loud Island; his son also "Doc" Kenelm was prominent in Newcastle town records until the late 1780s. Son Elisha I believe is the Elisha Winslow who Emma Coleman reports in her book was captured by Indians in 1758 on Matinicus Island and killed, leaving three sons (Nathaniel, Elisha and John) and maybe a daughter (Katherine). Nathaniel Jr., who I believe is my ancestor, is an elusive creature. I believe he was a Mariner who possibly lived in Salem (MA) at least during the tumult of the mid 1740s. I believe he was living in Bristol, Maine in the late 1760s and 1770s where three daughters married (Mary in 1768, Lydia in 1770, and Martha in 1776), where he witnessed Sarah Montgomery's Will in 1772, and where he died in 1776, leaving a widow, Anne or Anna.

Does any of this ring any bells or fill in any blanks?

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