I am searching for the grave site of Revolutionary War Soldier Private Zebulon Fickett. He died on April 8, 1854 at 95 years in Milbridge, ME. He moved his family from Falmouth to Milbridge (Mill River original settlement of township #5 which became the town of Milbridge) in 1789. It is legend that Zebulon and wife Sally were burried without head stones somewhere on the Fickett land within sight of the Zebulon Fickett house known as The Lyon's Place. Any history of Zebulon's final years would be appreciated. - Merle

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Based on this record (From ancestry.com) , He appears to have been remarried to a Mrs Mary Thomas in 1827. Her resting place Should be here? at findagrave.com It appears to be correct to me. The pension records are long and I could not see a resting place for him contained in them, However it is stated very often throughout the record that he died in Harrington, Washington county, Maine

Hi Merle,

Zebulon Fickett died in Milbridge in 1854 on the property of my great-grandfather, Irving L. Fickett. The house Zebulon and his 2nd wife, Mary lived in was the original house that his brother, Moses Fickett bought in 1817. Moses son Rufus built the present house, which was right next door to the original one in the 1830's.

The old house burned between 1854 and 1860. My dad, who was Carroll K. Wilson, born on the before mentioned property, told me when he was growing up, the family said there was a small graveyard in the pasture out in back of what was the Dow family house, when I was growing up. Dad said it was called an Indian burial ground.

Zebulon, could have been buried there, as his brother Moses and his wife Sarah were buried there before they were moved over to what is now the Evergreen Cemetery, on the other side of town. My grandfatheer, Eben S. Wilson, hauled the old gravestone of Ezra P. Fickett, a Grandson of Moses, and son of Rufus and Thirza Fickett, out of the pasture. I had seen the stone many years ago. A new stone for Ezra is at the Evergreen Cemetery.

But if Zebulon had been buried there, it seems he would have been moved over to the Evergreen Cemetery, as well. But there is no stone for him in the Evergreen Cemtery. So it almost seems he may have been buried next to his first wife, at North Milbridge, next to his former homestead,

So in the 1850 census of Milbridge, we have Zebulon and his wife Mary, living right next to his brother, Moses, who is then living with his son Rufus and family. In the 1860 census, and on the 1861 map of Milbridge, it just shows the present house. In one of the old family papers that I had seen years ago, Mariner S. Fickett, a son of Rufus, mentions the fact that Zebulon and his wife lived on the property now occupied by Irving L. Fickett, at the time of its writing.

This is as much as I have been able to find over the past 50 years of my research, hope this helps, Gary W. Wilson

I was reading your response to Merle Wentworth Fickett. Irving L Fickett was my great-great grandfather. His Clifford Curtis Fickett and Lucy A Morse had a daughter out of wedlock, Vivian S Fickett my grandmother, she was raised as a Morse by her grandparents Levi and Elizabeth Morse of Harrington maine.  The trouble I'm having is when back more generations it seems Ficketts married Ficketts. I have so far Irving's parents as Alonzo R Fickett & Hannah Parker, Alonzo's parents as Rufus and Thirza Fickett, Rufus's parents as Moses & Sarah Warren this is Family Search website. On Ancestry I have Irving's parents as Alonzo spouse ????, Alonzo's parents as Rufus & Thirza, Rufus's parents as Moses & Sarah Warren. Can you tell me if I'm on the right track. It was only 2 years ago I found out my grandmother's birth name was Fickett.

any help will be greatly appreciated, Georgette

Hi Georgette,

I haven't been on this site since I last replied to Merle Fickett's reguest. I'm so sorry I haven't seen your reply until today. I'm sure you have found out by now that you have been on the correct track. I just sent you a friend request. I'm assuming it's for this Maine Genealogy site, as I don't do face book. But I would be glad to hear from you and help you on your search. Your grandmother, Vivian would have been a neice to my grandmother, Vera Adeline Fickett Wilson.

My email again is: gwwtmt5381@gmail.com

I don't have internet service, so I use it hear at the library. Hope to hear from you! Happy 4th of July! I will check my email on Wed or Thursday. Take care, Cousin Gary


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