Looking for information on Pierre LeVasseur (b. 8-15-1897, d. 5-1-1963), son of Amil (also spelled Aime in Census) and Julie Marchetein (Marcheterre) born in Van Buren Maine. The parents Amil and Julie are of particular interest. Amil's father was Aimme (possibly Aimee Pierre) LeVasseur and his mother was Alphonsine the line stops there in our family notes.


Amil and Julie had 9 possibly 10 children Benoit (b. 1892), Joseph b. 1894), Napoleon (b. 1896), Pierre (b. 1897), Delina (b. 8-28-1902), Helene (b. 3-31-1904, Emile (b. 7-28-1907) the others names are unknown.


Some of the brothers lived in Salem MA for a time as Pierre's draft card for WWI shows Salem as his residence. Family memory tells of Joseph being a police officer in the Boston area.


Also looking for Marie Duquette Houle (b.  5-12-1868, d. 2-8-1936) married to Alfred Houle (b. 4-7-1867, d. 1950). They had 9 children, 5 of whom survived childhood: Laura P. Houle Ross (b. 10-22-1889, d. 6-4-1963), Fred Houle (changed to Hall) (b. 1892, d. 12-15-1971), Eva Agnes Houle (b. 7-6-1895, d. 10-6-1950), William J. Houle (b. 2-24-1898, d. 2-10-1997) and Clara M. Houle Duval Levasseur (b. 8-20-1899, d. 9-13-1988)


Both Marie and Alfred are buried in Springvale Maine. Have not been able to turn up an obituary for either Marie or Alfred. Marie's mother's name was Philomene nothing else about her is known, father's name may have been Leon.


Alfred's father's name was Nazare (Nazaire?) Houle mother's name possible Cleine St. Cyr and his father's name was Raule Houle nothing else is known.


Any info is appreciated.

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Dear Catherine,

I have found a lot of information for you that will help you to make further connections back.  Can you send me an e-mail at itismoi9@aol.com and I will send you the documentation that will give you a two or three more generations back. Thank you.




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