I found this article on the Bangor Daily news web site. This is the Legislation that has opened many doors for people from Maine that were adopted and would like to learn who there Birth Parents are...

Reunions a byproduct of birth record law

By Dawn Gagnon
BDN Staff

BANGOR, Maine — Cathy Robishaw, director of the Falmouth-based nonprofit organization Original Birth Certificate for Maine, says there are about 24,000 adoptees living in Maine, and approximately 15,000 of them are 18 or older.

In addition, she said, many others who were adopted here now live outside the state. For each of these individuals, there is on file in Augusta a sealed birth certificate identifying the birth mother and, in most cases, the father.

Because of a new law that took effect on Jan. 1, 2009, adoptees now can gain access to those records without having to go to court......................

Read full article hear.


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Thanks Ward!

Over in the video section there is an interview with Paula Benoit—the state senator who co-sponsored the bill, and who found family after having her own original birth certificate unsealed.
There is more info at www.adopteecare.com and another good video!


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