Thanks to Jean P of Maine Genealogy network the site of Hannah Sawyer Nortons gave is found along with some of the other members of the family.  What a great find, Jean and thanks so much for your efforts.

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Do you know the DOB and DOD for this Hannah Sawyer Norton?  Who was her husband?  The reason I ask is I have a person by the same name buried in West Jonesport Cemetery. Her dates are:  Where is your Hannah's gravesite?

Birth 26 May 1788 in Jonesboro, Washington, Maine, USADeath 18 AUG 1846 in Jonesboro, Washington, Maine, USA

Her husband was Jeremiah Beal Norton 1788-1859.  


Chris Gilbert

Hi Chris,

My Hannah was married to Nathaniel Norton of Limington, York, ME.   Her parents were William Sawyer and Mary Simpson. She was b. 1780 and m. Nathaniel in 1796 so she is not the same Hannah.

I have seen other Hannah Sawyers during my research. Will check and see if I copied any of their info. 

Sorry I couldn't help more.



     One of my third great grandmothers is Hannah Sawyer who married Nathaniel Norton, the same as you have. Their son, Ivory Josiah Norton married Thankful E Smart on 13 July 1833 in Sebec, Maine. Their son George F Norton married Mary Ann French 26 Oct 1864 in Levant. Their daughter Eva A Norton is my maternal grandmother.  Some of the information on Ivory & Thankful is a bit sketchy, with different information on different census.  Which cemetery is Hannah buried in? Nice to make the connection.

Charlie Morgan


Good to meet you.  It  is always so exciting to me when I find "cousins".

I changed computers awhile back and thought I had transferred all my info to new one but can't find the info on where Hannah is buried.   I have emailed the lady that found the gravestone and asked her to re-email it to me.  Will pass it on to you when she sends it. 

I do know she first found a cemetary by the old Merryfield house by Norton Rd that was not it.  It was not far from there if I remember correctly.  I put a pic of the stone on my page.

By the way you list Ivory as married to Thankful Smart 1833 and I have he married Jane B Sawyer in 1842.  Is this the same Ivory?  If it is I never knew that.  Thanks. 

Some other info I can tell you is that my brother, Mark, did the DNA test for me and it says we are descendants of Niall of the Nine Hostages. 

Also, I think we found Nathaniels mother  Abigail Norton, daughter of Josiah and Elizabeth Stewart.  I have copy of court paper where she has to pay or get whipped for having a child out of wedlock.  The DOB of the male child is 1 Aug 1762.  That is my Nathaniel's birthdate. 

In checking further it seems Abigail might have been married to a man named Pierce and later one named Brawn or Brown.  This is from census that I haven't seen yet and need other details to prove. But it is a starting place.  

The surprising thing for me is that our surname might not really be Norton.  I probably won't know until someone does DNA that matches exactly with another surname.  I am thinking it might be a Gray or a McKinney.  Both those families lived close to Josiah.  Of course it could be anyone. What a job that is going to be.

Josiah Norton from Biddeford  is a descendant of the Martha's Vineyard Nortons.  Have you seen their web site?

Do you have the ancestors of Hannah?   On her Mothers side they go back to Walter Norton through his daughter Jane.  Jane Norton married Henry Simpson.   Walter Norton was of the Sharpenhoe, Bedfordshire, ENG Nortons. I have a very extensive file of our ancestors.

On her fathers side it goes back to John and Agnes Sawyer.

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