I have a history of this regiment and would be happy to do look ups for folks. One of my ancestors served with the 13th/30th.

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My ancestor, Alonzo Bartlett, belonged to Company B & E of the 30th. I am starting to learn about their history starting with the Red River Campaign.

I found a notation for an Alonzo Bartlett from Weld. Mustered in Dec 10, 1861. Died at Ship Island, Miss May 27, 1862. Is this your ancestor? He was a private in Company E of the 13th.

Alonzo M. Bartlett mustered out as a corporal in Savannah. He is from Bethel, Grafton, Newry Maine.

the history of the unit: what battles were they in?  I understand that they were in Louisiana in 63 and part of 64 then went to the Shendoah valley?



My ancestor was listed as being in Hanover Nov. 25, 1863.  Bounty paid was $75.00 with $240.00 due.  What was the bounty?

This is actually in reply to Bob Bartlett and regards his ancestor Alonzo.

It appears that Alonzo was first in the 1st Maine Infantry, having enlisted for 3 months.  He was born in Winthrop but enlsited on behalf of Lewiston.

He enlisted in the 30th on 25 Nov '63 on behalf of Grafton and probably received a bounty from that town and also a state bounty along with a federal bounty.  He was first a member of Co. B and was transferred to Co. E on 1 Jan '65.

Not sure if any of the above is new to you.

I found the data, and there is more, on the Soldiers' Index Cards that reside at the Maine State Archives and that are posted on the Mormon Family History site, familysearch.com. 


Thank you.  I thought I had read something about the 1st but I  couldn't find that documentation.   Yes he received a bounty but I don't know from what.  Have you come across any records anywhere where I could find that information.  I will have to go to the Family site

What was the bounty about?  I read someplace that it was so the states did not have to draft their citizens?  Is that so?



In a nutshell, a bounty was paid to encourage men to enlist.

How do you know he received a bounty?  What documents do you have?

I received his papers with his roll call.  The first one showed that he had a bounty and was paid $75 and still owed $240.00. It showed him present or absent.  Augusta, ME Dec. 18, 1863. Joined for Duty Nov. 25 at Hanover for a period of 3 years.  Copyist was Sabine.  This was for the 30th only. I wonder if he was paid a bounty when he joined the 1st?   


I cannot tell by what I have seen on the familysearch dot org site what he received for bounties upon enlisting in the 1st Infantry for 3 months.  According to the Adjutant Generals Report, he should have received 2x his pay as a state bounty.  If he received anything from the city of Lewiston, I cannot say but that info may be shown in the town or city reports from that period.

It sounds like you have some good original material in hand.

Alonzo enlisted in the 30th on 5 Nov '63 in Hanover and mustered in on 18 December '63 in Augusta.  This is per his muster out roll  and it indicates that he was still owed $120 federal bounty at the time of his muster out.

There may be more info you can glean from the data that the Maine State Archives has posted on familysearch.org.  Unless, of course, you already have his complete service file and his pension file.


Can you tell me if Henry Cushman of Co. A, 30th Maine, is mentioned in the history?

He was a Canadian who enlisted on behalf of the Town of York on 3 Sept 1864.

Hopefully there will be a bit of data that will add to what I have already.

Thank you for doing this.


I did not find his name in the 1st go through of the rosters. I found a Charles L Cushman who was a POW.

Do you have his muster out date?


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