Hi, just a note to let the group know I have compiled a list of Native Americans from the Northeast (Wabanaki) that served during the Civil War and have a few biographies posted as well.


Wabanaki Warriors of the Civil War


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Some of these men are mixed blood and non-Native spouses of Native woman, but a large number of them are documented members of tribes such as Penobscot and Abenaki.

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Interesting information - thanks for sharing.

I have a framed original  Civil War photograph of two Penobscot Indians in 7th Maine Infantry Uniforms  along with other soldiers the photograph was taken at a campsite during the war. I would like to know what the names were of the Indians if possible. Glenn Gagne     e-mail warbuff50@aol.com

Hi Glenn,

Learning the names of the men in your photo could be challenging. A number of Penobscot and Abenaki men served in the 7th. Some served together, but not all. This web page provides a list of all the 7th men we discovered in our general research. Unfortunately, I can not connect the names to known photos. Do either of the men in your photo appear in our photo posted here? If you could learn the time period or company of the men it might narrow down the possibilities. The Penobscot Nation has a museum that may be more helpful. Please let us know if you learn more.

I would love to have a copy of the photo for our research library.




Hello Nancy, the photograph you have is the one that I have, I purchased it from one of the largest Civil War dealers in Gettysburg and they were selling it from a private collector. The photograph is in the original frame from the Civil War and it has the crease down the center that yours has. The back pack shown in the bottom left has 7th Maine Regt. in white paint. Thank you, Glenn Gagne

Hi Scott,

I wish I had time to work on this with you right now, but too many projects at the moment. If you are able to narrow down the possibilities from the men of the 7th listed on our website, I will take some time to help. I do have pension records for all the men that filed for pension. Unfortunately they are not digitized, otherwise I would just share copies now.

Do you know the source of the information claiming the picture contains "two Penobscot" men? Our info was only that "Penobscot" were in the photo. I have always felt the two standing and the one seated on the right are Native. And they are sick or recovering from recent sickness because they are way too thin. These men are in extremely poor condition which will make it difficult to identify them from photos later in life.




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