I have just joined this group not because I am descended from a Maine Civil War Veteran but because of my U.S. Civil War research that my be of interest to other members of this network.
For approximately the last 6 years, I have been pulling data together on those men who are connected in any way to the Town of York, Maine, and the Civil War.

My database includes the following: residents of York who served on behalf of the town, non-residents who served on behalf of the town, residents of York who served elsewhere, those who were born here but had moved away and served elsewhere, those who lived here after the war and are called out in one of the federal censuses and those who are buried here but are not included in any of the other groups.
In other words, my list includes many men from other Maine communities, other states and other nations.

Since I began this project, I have been posting items on my flickr site at
http://www.flickr.com/photos/awmjr_magoo/sets/72157594276498283/   and, in most cases, I have attempted to write something about the person.
It is aimed more at those researchers focusing on family history and not on what a Veteran did during the war, unless that is known.

My next major step is to place my database on the Net so that interested parties can take a look.


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Good Job Sandy

Kevin McKinney
ST. John U.S. Virgin Islands


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