My Great Grandfather, Pvt. William F. Irwin, enlisted in the 5th Maine, Co. G at the age of 19. He re-enlisted 28 Dec 1863. From that time until he took the Oath of Allegiance at a Union prison in Nashville, he was imprisoned 4 times (twice in Union prisons and twice in Confederate prisons.) He was in Camp Parole, Md. where he deserted to avoid starvation; captured by Confederates and imprisoned in the notorious Salisbury, NC, prison,  William was captured at Spottsylvania Court House by General Stoneman while in arms against the U.S. government. He had enlisted in the 8th C.S. Infantry to avoid death at Salisbury(11,700 Union soldiers are said to have perished). The commandant was one of only 2 tried for War Crimes. The other was the commandant of Andersonville. When Willliam made it known that he was formerly with the U.S. Army, he was confined at Richmond, Va. then on to a federal prison in Nashville. On 5 July 1865 he took the oath of allegiance and was released. He then enlisted in the U.S. Navy. William died at the age of 46.  

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