I am searching for the parents of Samuel Getchell or Gatchel born in Maine 1745 and married Olive Pierce at Hallowell in 1790.  Some Getchell websites do not list Olive as a spouse.  Samuel married Sarah Simmons at Hallowell in 1765.  Sarah died in 1788 leaving 12 children.  According to one website he did not marry again until 1809.  At that time he married Mary Tibbets.  I cannot believe that with 12 children born from 1766 to 1788 that he did not marry sooner.  I would like to know more about Olive Pierce and her ancestors.  I have found info on two daughters of Samuel & Olive's, Sarah(Sally) and Mary.  My connection  to the Getchell or Gatchel family is the Michels or Michaels family that appeared in Colonial Massachusetts in about 1725 and a some years later in Maine.  The Michels and some Getchells later moved to Illinois.

Sarah (Sally) Getchell married a James Michels in Clinton, ME in1806.

James drowned in 1817 before the Michels left Maine.  Sally and her children traveled with the Michels family to Illinois.  She later married James' brother, John Michels, Jr. - my ancestor.  I am hoping someone somewhere has info on these two families.


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I believe the Michaels line you are looking for is George Michaels Sr.1755 Georgetown, Lincoln, Me(wife Susannah from Wiscasset, Maine)

His son James married Sally Getchell . I don't know alot about this family but I looked at them when I was trying to find a Brown relative.

I have a lot of info on the Michaels family.  I really need the info on the Getchell family, especially a Samuel Getchell who married an Olive Pierce.  I have found their intent to marry and they are mentioned in some research studies.  There were a lot of Samuel's in the Getchell family.

Thanks for answering.


I have some information on Olive Pierce-b. 1772 in Kennebec cty (prob Hallowell) parents were Eliphalet Pierce and Elizabeth Wheeler (married 1775 Stoughton MA). This Pierce family is from Stoughton/Watertown MA and seems to be well documented online.

Incidentally, Olive Pierce was a contemporary of Martha Ballard and is mentioned in her diary....

Hope that helps!

Thanks Kelly.  I will check your info.  I am babysitting my grandchildren while my daughter works on her Masters degree.  I don't seem to have a lot of spare time lately.

Thanks so much for answering. Olive is one of my dead ends.


HI Arloha i think i can answer your question.........you have the two Samuels  mixed up..........Samuel Getchell born 1770 is son of Dennis Getchell and his wife Mary Holmes.  This Samuel son of Dennis married the Olive Pierce that you speak of 11 july 1790 in Vass according to Vass Vital Records  pg. 677 which i have.  They had two daughters?  I am off this Samuel Getchell line also, so i guess were related? I am redoing the Getchells Gen. from the Vital records to make sure the old information can be corrected for the next Generations......hope this helps you.


Thanks for your answer.  Who are the ancestors of Dennis Getchell and Mary Holmes?  Since there are so many Getchells I need to know where to start looking.  I am very interested iny info you might have. 

Thanks again,


There are a lot of lines for the Getchells , is there one line that you are interested in.   Dennis's line goes like this.  Samuel & Dorcas-Samuel & Elizabeth Jones-Samuel & Elizabeth Nason- Samuel & Abigail Fry-Dennis & Mary Holmes.  I don't have the parents of Mary Holmes at this moment but I may have it at a later time. There is alot of information out that is wrong on the lines so I am trying to correct them by the Vital Records, such as birth and death dates etc.  I have the Vital records of Mass also as well as most of the Cemetery records of Maine.  So if you have any more questions please feel free to ask.  I would post my email address here but I don't know that I can, I am new to this site and don't know all the rules of yet. Dennis and Nehemiah Getchell were brothers  Nehemiah Getchell is the line I am from.  He is also known as Major Dennis Getchell.

Thanks for the info on Dennis Getchell.  I have just got back to hunting Getchells.  The last two summers I have traveling the Oregon Trail.  I have ancestors who came west in 1852.

I would appreciate any source material you have on Dennis' ancestors and descendants.



Hi, I am following this line as well.  What information, if any, do you have on Dennis and Nehemiah's brother James?  Specifically, I am looking for some facts to back up my connection to this line; which goes as follows:  

  1. Samuel & Dorcas
  2. Samuel & Elizabeth Jones
  3. Samuel & Elizabeth Nason
  4. Samuel & Abigail Fry
  5. James & Hannah Whittum
  6. Peletiah & Mary "Polly" Delano Walker
  7. Walker & Ann Butler

From Walker (my 4th great grandfather) on down, the path is very clear and is backed up by tons of documentation.  But my connection from Walker to Peletiah is murky and circumstantial at best and I would love to have some definitive answers.

Thanks, Kathy

I am a descendant of Sarah Getchell and James Michels - their daughter Sarah. I also am having trouble with the Getchell line. I just started researching it and am very confused with all the Samuels. I don't know whether to start from Sarah backward or Samuel and Dorcas forward. I think my line goes



John-Elizabeth W


not sure who is next. 

Any help would be appreciated



I am updating my blogs on the Getchells, I found Sarah Michels.  I need more information if anyone has it, Thanks.  Tawny.

Sarah Michels b. June 30 1790   d. Nov. 18 1829

She is buried Jaques Cemt. Edwards Co. Ill.

Daug. of Dennis Getchell And  Rhoda Crosby Getchell -(Clinton Line)

Grave found threw Findagrave.com. 

for more infor. find Getchells of New England (my blog ) also has the inform.


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