Looking for a record of fornication against Charles Blagdon & Sarah Decker

My sister years ago said she read in a York Co. Genealogy Magazine of a fornication charge against Charles Blagdon of Pownalborough and Sarah Decker, I believe also of Pownalborough.  If it was in the Y ork County Court of Pleas that would have been prior to 1760.  Charles was born 1736, so in 1756 he was obviously 20.  I imagine this charge was between his ages of 18 or 19 to 23 or 24.  

Has anyone seen this entry in a  York Co. Genealogy Magazine?   

I'm going to contact the county court house to see if someone will look in the records of the Court of Common Pleas to see if it is in there. 

Thank you for any help. 

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I’m sure you know that Pownalborough is no longer a town. It used to be a town in Lincoln County, and was either once a part of, or is now called Dresden. I don’t know it’s history, but Lincoln County is where the town is, and the Blagden name carries on.

Yes, thank you.  Blagdon/Blagden is alive  & well all around Bath, Dresden, Wiscasset, etc.  I've researched Hiltons & Blagdons & many more all through the area for years.  Found out old court records are now housed at the Maine Archives.  Old York County Genealogical Society journals are stored at Maine State Library among other places that are all out of state.  Thank you again. 

Perhaps this info might be of some help -

Court Records


Thank you, Jan.  I had checked this site yesterday but somehow missed the link for the York County Genealogical Society journal.  Found on WorldCat this morning, thanks to your reply, that state library here holds all issues.  Someone a month or so ago said the Allen, PA library holds them, which is also stated on WorldCat.  I'm emailing our state library right now re this.  Thanks again.

No problem - One of the court record groups (can't remember which one right now) helped me with a problem person - thought I would pass on.

Good Luck!!

Jim, Also, I have spoken with some living Blagdon/Blagdens in the area, plus checked land deeds & wills from the past. Everyone in what was old Pownalborough & surrounds, ie Wiscasset, Alna, Dresden, ..surrounds such as Bath, etc.  are all descended from Charles Blagdon's youngest brother, Rollins.  Rollins married twice here in Wiscasset & there were many progeny.  That line has flourished expotentially.  My line, however, is like finding a needle or two in a haystack!  


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