I am coordinating this name in Maine. Years ago I went to the American Canadian Gen Soc Library in Manchester and told them I was looking for a Quebec name of Boudway or Boardway. He said "No, you're not; you're looking for something that got turned into that name."
Turns out that Francois Xavier Beaudoin md Marie Anne Crozier 6 Feb 1835 in St Marie, Beauce, QC. They moved to Orono Maine in 1852 and became Boardway, a close Americanized pronunciation. Didn't hurt that they also made boards in a sawmill. Each of his sons took various spellings: Boardway, Boudway, Boadway, and Budway. I have a printout of all known descendants on the genealogy index page of my website. I look forward to hearing from more cousins.

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Thanks so much. I am just now seeing your post for the first time.

Seems like our Boardway turns out to be a Bolton. I believe you have been communicating with my sister about it.


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