I am seeking the place of death and where buried of my great grandmother Octavie Pelletier Soucy, born 26-Feb-1851 in Frenchville, Aroostook County and died 6-April-1889.  She was the first wife of Paul Soucy.  

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Her burial record is recorded at St. Louis, Fort Kent and was most likely performed at the future St. Joseph's church in Wallagrass mission church and buried there.  The parish was officially started in August, 1890.

Thank you Allen for your reply.  I have a copy of Octavie's burial record but after visiting the St. Louis Catholic Church in Ft. Kent no one was able to tell me where she was buried.  I will see if I get any response from St. Joseph's Church in Wallagrass.


      St. Joseph, Wallagrass, is also in the same cluster of parishes that are based in Fort Kent.  Based on the time she died, you may never find a marker.


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