I am looking for information on my dad's side.  My maiden name is Grover, but prior to that, our surnames have been spelled several ways:  Wolsgrover, Wolfsgrover, Wolsgruber.  My 6th great grandfather, Christoph Balthasar Wolsgrover (Wolsgruber) came to Maine from Germany in the 1700s.

Thank u!

Betty Grover Kontio

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I have a copy of a book- "Broad Bay Pioneers, 18th century gernan-speaking settlers of present day Waldoboro, Maine". by Wilford Whitiker and published by Picton Press. Piction Press publishes genealogy books,

This book lists a Christopher Wolfsgruber aged 25 coming to Broad Bay aboard the 1753 ship Elisabeth. Information on this ship is in a book by Brigitte Burkett, "Emigrants from Baden and Wurttemberg in the Eighteenth Century Vol 1, Baden- Durlach and vicinity." There is much more on the family name Wolfsgruber in the Broadbay book.

I am researching Peter Lehr, a revolutionary veteran and son of Johann Henri Lehr who arrived in 1753 on the Lydia.

Good luck and I hope this was helpful.

David Leighr

Thank you, so much, David.  That is extremely helpful!  I've been trying to figure out when he came over.  His actual first name was Christoph, but that makes sense as that is about when he would have arrived.  I greatly appreciate your help!  Any idea where I can find a copy of this book?


Looks Like Picton Press still has the Whitaker book http://www.pictonpress.com/store/MasterCatalog . You have to look in the index under Waldoboro. The book has a lot of info on the German families that came to broad Bay, However, I've found many errors in it, so be careful. 


I have been researching the Wolvsgrover line and am trying to find out if Christoph B. Wolsgover served in the American Revolution, or signed a loyalty oath or perhaps supported the American cause in some other manner.


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