Hello - I am trying to find any info on these two men. Capt. Yates might have been in 3rd Main regiment, most likely during the Civil War era, or slightly before or after. I can't find him in any of the Maine military sites. 

Caleb may be a relative.


Thanks, Susan T.

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There was a Capt. Gideon M. Yates of Round Pond, but he appears to have been a ship's captain, rather than a captain in the military. I don't see a Caleb Yates with an immediate Maine connection.

Thanks Chris, that's very helpful.

Gideon M Yates of Bristol (Round Pond) was born 13 Sep 1820 in Bristol based on his application for a "passport"in New York city on 29 Jan 1849. He died in Bristol 22 Oct 1903. I don't find any military record for him. The Maine Maritime Museum has a box of his papers in their manuscript collection. See:


There was a George W Yates in Company D of the 6th Maine Infantry in the Civil War.

I can't find a Caleb without dates or location.

Russ, thanks, I appreciate that info. I have a civilian coat and vest with "Caleb Yates" written on the vest, this is the only info I have on him. The clothing dates to the 1860's, it's an adult size. Those are the only clues I have. Found with it was a cloth drawstring bag with "Capt. G.M. Yates, Round Pond, Lincoln Country, Maine", and "3rd Reg", there is also what looks to be a "Waldoboro" postmark. I assumed they were related, as the clothing came from the same household.

Susan, I'm not finding a Caleb Yates. There was a Cyrus Yates who died 14 Oct 1883, aged 26 yrs 1 mon. and is buried in Maple Grove Cemetery in Round Pond.

If you look carefully at the penmanship on the vest, is it possible that it is simply written "Capt Yates" instead of Caleb Yates?

Russ, that's a possibility. I don't have the vest here, but I will take a look tomorrow.

I don't think it could be Cyrus, the vests is definitely from the 1860's, with an 1858 patent buckle, and for a fully grown man, thought I suppose it's not out of the realm of possibility.

Thanks again, I appreciate your efforts.



Russ, I think you're correct. Not sure where I even got the "Caleb", but never thought it could be "Capt" Yates.

I tried to add two pictures, of the signature and of the ditty bag, but they don't seen to have come through. If you want to see them, out of curiosity, send your email and I will send them to you that way.

Thanks for your help, I would have never figured it out on my own.

Best, Sue

Sue, I am on the road today. Even if it is just Capt Yates, we still haven't figured out the "3rd Reg"  An email address  is russ_gillis@Hotmail.com

Can you also include a picture of the buckle? Thanks.


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