was told we have this blood line,just wondering how to research.from Canada,and maine name was Thivierge  and then to Beaulieu just wondering

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Hi Charlie!

A good place to look--since your surnames are French Canadian--is: http://www.nosorigines.qc.ca/genealogie.aspx?lng=en.

They have thousands of records in a convenient database and the site also has a great search engine.

Hope this helps and happy searching!

Brandon Nobles

thanks so much ,i have not seen this infor  in my tree  untill a last obit of a cousin last week never heard of mic

mac before think this might be fun

Brandon, thanks for posting the above website.  I will be checking it out to see if I can find a connection to three of my French-Canadian families since there is evidence of and oral history about Native American ancestors.

Cheryl Bragdon Stauffer


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