I am searching for a will or probate or estate record for Amos A. Ackley  which mentions his daughter Temperance Ackley (1815-1879). This is to complete my DAR supplemental application.  I am not living in Maine, would appreciate help finding an online source, or an address I could order a copy from.  

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You will find Washington County probate records here and here.

I checked all the indexes and didn't find Amos Ackley.  Thank you for getting me started.
Are there any Maine genealogy magazines that have an index that is online?
Is there a  Maine database of wills?  I've checked Ancestry, as they have a database of wills.  No luck.

If you have any other suggestions, I would appreciate them.

FamilySearch has the most comprehensive collection of Maine probate records online. Some counties have will indexes, some do not.

I'm not aware of any Maine genealogy magazines that have indexes online, aside from old out-of-copyright journals like The Maine Historical Magazine.

You might try checking Washington County land records for a connection between Amos and Temperance. Those records are not yet online.

Would those be in Machias or Whiting?

Thank you for your help!



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