Hi, I just joined this network (and group). I would like to bring your attention to some research I have done on the Maine men of the 6th (7th) Regiment MA Line of Continental Army. This regiment served under Col. Ichabod Alden in the New York Theatre and were "victims" of an event referred to as "The Cherry Valley Massacre". They also participated in the Sullivan Campaign against the Iroquois. I did a lot of research using pension records at Footnote.com.


The Maine men were primarily from Buxton, Falmouth, Harpswell, Brunswick, Topsham, Durham, Georgetown, and a group from Machias.


I have an article on Footnote.com about Cherry Valley


and a website I put together about the regiment

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Thank you Nancy for calling attention to your research.  George Ridley of Harpswell was my 6th great-grandfather.  I look forward to having time to explore your website to enrich my knowledge of the 6tn (7th) and its campaigns. I need to match your descriptions with George Ridley's 3 years of war service. I have been looking for Molly/Mary Hopkins as his wife without any luck.  You have her name as Hopkinson.  I will probably have better luck with that.  Thanks again.


Marnie, I checked my database to see where the name of the spouse came from. I have it in the database as HOPKINS so I must have made an error when I transcribed it for the website. Sorry if it caused a problem for you. I have it as "unsourced" which means I probably found it in an Ancestry tree or some other unreliable resource. I probably should put a disclaimer on the site. I added the info on the spouses in the last few hours before presenting the story to the Androscoggin Historical Society. At that point I was taking whatever I could find online that looked reasonable.

His did have a pension file (# S37336), so it is possible I found it there and just forgot to add a source to that data.

Nice Research and Site.  Thanks for sharing!


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