I'm trying to find any information on a Gardiner D Ferguson born ~1806 in Maine, both of his parents are supposed to be from Maine according to his self reported ancestry in 3 census' . Much is known of his life from 1835 on to his death in 1885 . My ancestry tree is public at  http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/76330250/family" and any information is public too . Any help , or pointers where to go or if I have anything wrong would be welcome .

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My hunt continues with the addition of my FTNDA yDNA 37 results . I have been catagorised  in the Haplogroup: R1b L21 DF49 M222 The attached image shows my results . Translated this means genetically, my origins lie in the northeast of Ireland and the southwest of Scotland. I must admit the results were much more than what I expected. I encourage anyone of any family to research their DNA. It gave me enough confidence to set about buying a proper Ferguson Clan Kilt. It also settled the oral traditions that were put forth by my paternal grandfather . My apologies to anyone who tried to examine my tree on Ancestry, I had a catastrophic and unrecoverable failure that lead to it being deleted. I have edited the link in the previous post to reflect the new URL and will repeat it here for anyone interested . There have been 2 additions to Gardiner's history in 1840 and 1830 .


my YSEQ R1b-DF49 M222 NW Irish Panel results which put me definitively in the M222 - S659 subclade.


my FTDNA y67 results


Gardner's middle name has been found to be Davis .


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