My father's mother's sister (great aunt) was Ada Gertrude (everyone called her Gertrude) who is the child  of Alexander Philip and Elizabeth Norrie who were both born in Aberdeenshire, Scotland (both in 1879).  They naturalized in Quincy, MA 1901, married in 1905 and had a son in... I think 1907. They continued to build a family and added 2 daughters.  Gertrude was the second of the 3 children.  My grandmother Ruth, was the youngest, Uncle Ellsworth was the  oldest (and lived the longest!)  Due to a family quarrel/grudge, I never met Aunt Gertrude.  I am having problems finding her birth and death date.  She was most likely born in Milton or Quincy, MA and probably died there too.  She married a guy, I think Rodenhoven or something like that and they adopted 2 children.  One Nancy.  The other I think was a son.  I am also having a problem getting the names straight as to what man married what woman.  My great great grandparents are recorded wrong on some certificates my Dad just gave me, but I don't think he realizes they are wrong and contradict each other.

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Here are the birth records of Archibald E. H. Philip (called "Ellsworth" in 1910):

John Norrie:

Ruth Elizabeth:

And here is John's death record:

I can't find Ada Gertrude's birth record either. She was living in Chicago in 1940 with her husband Arthur F. Rodenhaven, who died in Yarmouth, Maine in 1994. Gertrude died in the same place just 12 days later. According to the Social Security Death Index, she was born 21 Sept. 1910.

Yes, Uncle Ellsworth is what I have always known him as.  What a mouthful of a name he had!

Yes, Rodenhaven was Gertrude's married name! I was close.

Wow.  Gertrude was living in Maine?  I wonder if my grandmother knew that.  Is there anyway to figure out what her adopted children's names were etc?  I have no idea how that all works.

Thanks again Chris! 

I do have a tree on Familysearch &  I have problems when I am trying to verify information on someone, bumping into my own information, which usually means there is nothing else to collect on the person!  Have found some great photos too.


Thanks for the help!

Incidentally, that is a great photo you posted of the three kids. Love the bows.

You might be able to find her obituary in the Portland Press Herald. I see you're located in Bangor. Fogler Library in Orono has a great Maine newspaper collection on microfilm.

When I was learning about microfilm at the LDS church, I discovered I might need some dramamine the next time I use it.  I was getting "car sick" with all the spinning!

I think the bows (on the Philip girls) are wonderful too!


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