I am told that Thomas Skillings was descended from a Thomas Skillings born in Aryshire, Scotland in the 1500s .  I am descended from him.  I believe his grandson immigrated to America in the 1600s.  There were 4 Thomas's in a row so the genealogy is all mixed up.  Does anyone have any info on the Skillings family in Maine?  Thanks, Mary Ellen

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I have a Thomas Skillings or two in my tree as well. I found a rootsweb page dedicated to his descendants here:


You might also want to take a look at Fanny Hotchkiss' book Winchester Notes (pub. 1912), which has some info on the Skillings family (though not much of anything about their Scottish roots). It's available thru Google Books:


The Skillings family info starts on page 82.

Hope this helps!




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