I am searching to find the names of ships my great-grandfather may have sailed.  Following those results, I'll search for photos I might be able to find of them. 

The census of 1900 shows him as a sailor in Rockland.  The 1910 census shows him as a master.  I began my diligent search with the MHS.  However, the only source they had lists all the ships sailing in and out of US ports in alphabetical order.  I called the Rockland Library to see if they had archives of the Rockland Gazette in order to obtain the maritime ledgers and cross-reference with the volumes at MHS.  They do but these are on microfilm.  Not living nearby for a quick run there, I wanted to first exhaust online sources, I have since ordered a book entitled, MAINE BEAM, 2009 from the Rockland Library.  The reference librarian thinks that I may find something about him in this book.  

I just joined this network and noticed this group with this specific interest.  So, I thought I'd cast a line and see if anyone who is familiar with this time period may have come across this name or might have further suggestions.  Many thanks! 

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No mention of a Charles Demmons in the index of The Main Beam..

You might try the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath, Maine


Well, darn.  Thanks for the information and saving me the trouble!


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